Shrines of Depths in Genshin Impact: Rewards, how to find and more details

Each Shrine of Depths gives incredible rewards once unlocked. (image via Monty Gaming Lab)
Each Shrine of Depths gives incredible rewards once unlocked. (image via Monty Gaming Lab)

In Genshin Impact, Travelers collect many treasures in the world of Teyvat, including the great rewards found within every Shrine of Depths.

Each Shrine of Depths holds a Luxurious Chest locked within. Luxurious Chests are the most valuable of any in Genshin Impact, meaning players should make sure to unlock every shrine. So, to help players farm currency and rewards, this article describes the locations and rewards of each Shrine of Depths.

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Shrine of Depths locations and rewards in Genshin Impact

There are 10 Shrine of Depths in Mondstadt and 10 in Liyue. To unlock a shrine, players need to use one of their Shrine of Depths keys. These keys are scattered throughout Genshin Impact, found mostly as rewards from quests and one-time domains.

Shrine of Depths locations in Mondstadt

Genshin Impact map: Mondstadt Shrines of Depths (image via miHoYo)
Genshin Impact map: Mondstadt Shrines of Depths (image via miHoYo)

Players can find a Shrine of Depths in each of the following Mondstadt locations:

  1. Brightcrown Canyon: North of the waypoint, below the cliff.
  2. Wolvendom: North of the wolf boss battle, among the trees south of Cecilia Garden
  3. South of Dawn Winery: Northwest from the Ridge Watch domain, visible from the edge of the cliff.
  4. Springvale: North of the Statue of the Seven to the west of the village, on the other side of the paved trail.
  5. Springvale: East of the village, on top of a small cliff.
  6. Windrise: South of the big tree but north from the teleport waypoint below it, on a small hill on a cliff.
  7. Falcon Coast: On top of the cliff east of the Temple of the Lion domain.
  8. Dadaupa Gorge: Directly east from the Sword Cemetery, on top of the highest cliffs.
  9. Starsnatch Cliff: South of the teleport waypoint at the coastline, on top of the cliff.
  10. Stormbearer Point: West of the Anemo Hypostasis, near the edge of the map.

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Shrine of Depths locations in Liyue

Genshin Impact map: Liyue Shrines of Depths (image via miHoYo)
Genshin Impact map: Liyue Shrines of Depths (image via miHoYo)

Liyue is a much larger region than Mondstadt, and it can be trickier to navigate as well. With the shrine locations already marked, it becomes much easier to find all of them in Liyue. Players can navigate to the following locations in Liyue to find a Shrine of Depths:

  1. Bishui Plain: By the sea, southwest of the teleport waypoint that’s next to the Stonehide Mitachurl.
  2. North Minlin: East from the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain; through a breakable rock formation south of the domain and down the path.
  3. North Minlin: East of Mt. Aocang, visible from the waypoint on the mountain.
  4. Nantiannen: On top of the cliff right next to the waypoint.
  5. Near Dunyu Ruins: At a high point on the cliffs that are northwest of the ruins.
  6. East of Lingju Pass: South of Domain of the Wayward Path, in a cave near the river.
  7. Wuwang Hill: East of the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula domain, just south of the mountain and in a cave by a waterfall
  8. Stone Gate: On the cliffs east of the north Stone Gate waypoint, next to the small lake.
  9. South of Sal Terrae: Just west of Dragonspine’s Entombed City — Outskirts, next to the body of water that leads to the sea.
  10. Guyun Stone Forest: On the southernmost island in the archipelago.

Shrine of Depths rewards

Each Shrine of Depths contains a Luxurious Chest that awards 40 Primogems, 60 Adventure EXP, 10 of the region’s Sigils and several weapons and artifacts.

Primogems are the most valuable currency in Genshin Impact. Between all 20 Shrine of Depths, Genshin Impact players can collect 800 Primogems from the chests alone. The Sigil rewards are also very useful, as players can exchange them for rewards in Mondstadt and Liyue’s souvenir shops. Players should make sure to mark each shrines’ location so they can trade in their shrine keys as soon as they’re available.

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