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Shroud on why getting banned on Twitch could be the best thing to happen to a top streamer ft. xQc, and Dr Disrespect 

Shroud recently shared an interesting take on Twitch bans
Shroud recently shared an interesting take on Twitch bans
Modified 22 Nov 2020, 21:50 IST

Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek recently had a rather interesting take on Twitch's stringent policy of handing out bans to prominent streamers such as xQc and Dr Disrespect.

The 26-year old Twitch streamer was one of the few who were quite vocal in supporting Twitch's recent decision to ban xQc for stream sniping during the Fall Guys Twitch Rivals tournament.

In a video, Shroud states that rather than xQc's ban being a case that was merely blown out of proportion, it was not blown up enough.

He then went on to share an interesting take on why he believes a Twitch ban could end up doing more good than harm, for streamers today.

Shroud shares his take on Twitch bans

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Apart from being one of the most skillful gamers on the internet, Shroud is also known to share his opinion on several issues, often about Twitch management and their procedure of handing out questionable bans.

In the past, we've seen the likes of Dr Disrespect get mysteriously banned off the platform, without any prior notice. A ban, which remains shrouded in mystery till today.

In the video above, Shroud speaks about an earlier Dr Disrespect ban, where he made a grand return to Twitch after serving his suspension period.

While Dr Disrespect was later slapped with a permaban, xQc managed to get away with a one-week ban for stream sniping during a recent Fall Guys tournament. Addressing these bans, Shroud went on to share a unique take on how Twitch bans could actually be the best thing to happen to a top streamer:

"Getting banned doesn't really mean anything right? Dr Disrespect got banned for a month for streaming in a bathroom , he came back stronger than ever. "
"I personally think, banning's the thing you know, i've strived not to get banned, but if I did get banned, would I really care? Probably not, cause getting banned doesn't really do anything. You take a little vacation and you come back swinging. "
"It's weird how getting banned for a big-streamer is actually a best case scenario which really makes zero sense but Twitch can't really change that. "

From his statements above, Shroud certainly raises a pertinent point which can be substantiated by the fact that upon Dr Disrespect's return from his bathroom fiasco ban in 2019, he went on to register massive viewership numbers.

All eyes are now on xQc's eventual return stream on Twitch, which is sure to take place amid much fanfare.

Published 22 Nov 2020, 21:50 IST
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