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'Shut your mouth or I'll drown you tomorrow': Owner of Esports organization fired over death threat on Livestream 

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Modified 04 Sep 2020, 14:32 IST

Obey Alliance is a popular eSports organization, with rosters in popular games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Valorant.

Ever since the organization was founded in 2012, it has emerged as a popular name in the community, with 691K subscribers on YouTube. Recently, Obey Alliance took to Twitter to announce that one of its owners, ShooK, has been fired due to revelations surrounding his recent problematic actions:

His actions refer to him recently issuing death threats to another member of Obey Alliance, Baka, who also recently announced that she would be leaving the eSports organization.

These threats were issued simply over a game of Fall Guys. Check out the clip below:

This was not all, as Baka also released a statement on TwitLonger, which revealed far more sinister issues associated with ShooK.

Toxicity in eSports environment


Throughout the short 30-second clip, ShooK can clearly be heard threatening to kill Baka after a game of Fall Guys.

He infamously says:

How about you shut your f****** mouth or I drown you tomorrow. About as light as a piece of driftwood....just knock you down the f****** river , have fun drifting.

When Baka asks if he is actually going to kill her, he gives a shocking response:

Yes I'm gonna f****** kill you , keep talking.

If this was not shocking enough, Baka recently gave a lengthy statement related to her experience with ShooK, which revealed several more instances of disturbing behavior:

She then goes on to reveal that in 2019, when she was just getting accustomed to the world of eSports as a 17-year-old, ShooK began to message her. As they gradually began to exchange Direct Messages, in August 2019, ShooK revealed that he liked her and began to exert a sort of entitlement towards her.

She reveals:

He messages me yet again that he likes me and tells me that I'm his. I never agreed to this and continued to deny dating him. He then says something along the lines of I have no choice and that he will get his way. I told him I'd want to get to know him first and that would take time, up to 2 years time. He straight up refused to wait this long and said if I don't date him he won't talk to me anymore.

She goes on to say that they eventually started dating, and initially, it all seemed fine until cracks began to appear in their relationship. His sense of entitlement began to take on a more toxic form as she eventually began to realize and notice his manipulative ways.

Check out a portion from Baka's statement below, where she reveals the worst parts of their relationship, when she was 17 and ShooK, 30:

Image Credits: TwitLonger
Image Credits: TwitLonger

This instance is yet another reminder of toxicity, which often exists as a deep-rooted issue in various sectors, including eSports.

The eSports industry is no stranger to such kinds of manipulative and predatory behavior as in the past, we have witnessed several such incidents of youngsters being lured into the world of eSports through unscrupulous means.

However, with organizations such as Obey Alliance setting the right precedent to follow, by removing such people, one can only hope that the eSports industry experiences a progressive upheaval in the years to come.

Published 04 Sep 2020, 14:32 IST
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