Smurfing issues in Valorant lead to a bigger problem of "boosting"

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Satyaki Das

Smurfing has always been a real issue in competitive games like Valorant. Riot Games have taken a few steps to prevent the same, yet it is still prevalent in the title in huge numbers.

For people unaware of the term, a smurf is an experienced player who plays competitively in lower-ranked lobbies for various reasons.

Smurfing is that loophole of Valorant present in the competitive mode, which breaks the ultimate intention of the very mode.

Players expecting opponents with similar skill levels end up playing with players having a huge skill gap. While most people complain about smurfs in the other teams, it also hampers the players' game on whose side the smurf is present.

Smurfing in Valorant leads to boosting

This leads to frustration among the low ranked players. They tend to ask high ranked players for help regarding their rank up. The low ranked players ask the high ranked players to play in the same low ranked lobby and expect him/her to execute most of the game and get them a win. This is known as "boosting."

The more smurfing prevails in Valorant, the more 'boosting' will be done, which completely alters the main motive of the game. While this is certainly not a new thing, it still needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

User Tnt540, an Immortal 3 ranked player, shared his conversation on a Reddit post with a player who wanted him to "carry" him to a higher rank using a Gold-ranked account.

He shared that what exactly bothered the low ranked players is the aim of the smurfs. The players are most frustrated about how the smurfs aim at them, and it's almost impossible for them to win at a gunfight.

To that, Tnt540 said:

"Instead of rage dueling the smurf, focus on outplaying him. Use your utility to your advantage. Try never to take a fair gunfight."

People do not realize that aiming and gun fighting isn't the only option, especially in a game like Valorant, where you're allowed to use abilities. The right use of ability can lead one to avoid a gunfight yet gain an advantage over the opponents.

Valorant players run boosting services

This is one of those users who refused to boost another player. However, many others have opened businesses of boosting, and they earn from low ranked players who want their own account boosted as well, whether by playing together or handing their own account over to the smurf.

Smurfing in Valorant is so common nowadays that players having a good day might themselves face smurf allegations in their own rank. User Big-Amir commented on the same post:

"I'm plat, and it's my main, one game they call me noob, one game they call me radiant smurf. People will call any top fragger smurf/hacker, and any bottom fragger noob, doesn't matter if he is playing support or duelist."

People need to realize that boosting is a temporary joy. Once a player is boosted, they may play a couple of games in the high rank, which would affect their gameplay in no way. Their individual performance would remain the same, and they would derank in a few days and go back to the low rank.

Until the smurfing issue is totally fixed by Riot Games in Valorant, boosting will continue, and so will the frustration of many players.

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