Splatoon 3 “Not getting XP after match” error: When does it occur, and how to possibly fix it?

How to possibly fix the “Not getting XP after match” error in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)
How to possibly fix the “Not getting XP after match” error in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)

Splatoon 3 is officially live on the Nintendo Switch, and the latest franchise entry has introduced many new features for fans to enjoy.

From a new campaign to a ranked mode called Anarchy Battles, there is a lot more to the new franchise entry than what meets the eye. However, to be able to access some of the content in the game, players will need to level up their characters, and to do so, they must get their hands on a considerable amount of XP.

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One of the best ways to get XP in Splatoon 3 is to complete matches, especially the Anarchy Battles. However, users have been facing an issue since the game’s launch, which is not allowing them to receive XP once the match ends.

The “Not getting XP after match” bug is something that many gamers have been facing. While there is no permanent solution to the issue, today’s guide will talk about some ways that they can look to deal with it.

Fixing “Not getting XP after match” error in Splatoon 3


The Splatoon 3 “Not getting XP after match” error usually occurs right after a game, especially when the maps are changing. Map update announcements seem to be overriding the post-game stats, and, as a result, users are not being able to gain the XP from the previous game.

It’s a very unpleasant bug to encounter, especially when they are about to level up in the shooter. There are primarily two ways that players can work around the error in Splatoon 3:

1) Avoid starting game right before map change

If the announcement overrides the post-game stats, they will not be able to get their hands on the earned XP. Hence, one of the most effective ways of dealing with the bug in the title is to avoid starting the next match at least three minutes before the map change is scheduled.

By doing this, gamers will not have to worry about the announcement completely blocking their match results.


As this occurs once every hour, players must be aware of the rotation timings and not enter a match immediately after a map change is on the horizon.

2) Restarting game

Rebooting the title on the Nintendo Switch seems to have worked for many users. However, this is not a permanent solution.

They can try and restart and even go as far as to reinstall the game on their devices. However, the “Not getting XP after match” error in Splatoon 3 will not be fixed permanently by this.

It’s likely that while the issue might not occur right away, some might see it recurring right after playing a couple of Anarchy battles.


If all else fails, and gamers are still facing the issue in the shooter, the best thing to be done would be to wait for a fix from Nintendo themselves. As many seem to be having the problem, the best bet would be to wait for the next patch or a hotfix that will permanently solve the problem.

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