Splatoon 3 guide: Best ways to level up fast in shooter

Leveling up fast in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)
Leveling up quickly in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)

Nintendo’s Splatoon 3 is finally live, and fans of the franchise are having a great time trying some of the new features and gameplay that the latest series entry offers.

There is indeed a lot that players can look out for in the new Splatoon, and the new XP system makes it so that fans get to access more content the more levels their profiles gain in the shooter.

However, leveling up in Splatoon 3 is quite grind-intensive, and users are not often aware of the best ways to utilize the XP system in the game and gain the maximum amount every time they log in.

There are primarily two best ways by which they will be able to increase their level quickly in Splatoon 3. One method would be to grab a bite from the Crab N Go, and the other would be to invest some time in playing ranked matches, known as Anarchy Battles.

Today’s guide will go over the two methods and talk about how gamers will be able to level up fast in the shooter.

Jump through levels in Splatoon 3

1) Investing in Crab N Go


As mentioned, the first and one of the more efficient methods to gain levels in Splatoon 3 will be to grab a bite from the Crab N Go. There are primarily three edibles in the shop that will help players increase their XP:

  • Pescatariat: Which will allow users to increase their Combat EXP by 50%.
  • Pescatariat Royale: This food item will allow them to double their XP earned.
  • Marigold’en Garden Greens: Which doubles the XP earned for all the teammates.

Marigold’en Garden Greens will be the best option for those frequently playing with a pre-made squad.

However, unlike the other in-game purchasable items, groceries from Crab N Go cannot be purchased with the Splatoon 3 base currency. Gamers will instead need to invest a specific ticket to be able to obtain the three food items.

Tickets can be earned by investing some time in completing the single-player campaign, and activities like the Salmon Run or even increasing their catalog rank will net them a fair amount of tickets.

Additionally, there is an option to get tickets directly from the Shell-Out machine. However, players are not advised to opt into this frequently, as it requires a lot of money for one throw.

Hence, going through the campaign, obtaining tickets, and then investing them in food that raises XP will be one of the best ways to gain levels in Splatoon 3.

2) Participating in Anarchy Battles


The second way to level up quickly in Splatoon 3 will be to invest some time in playing ranked matches in the shooter. These games are called Anarchy Battles and are one of the best sources of XP users can consistently opt into to level up.

The higher the rank of a gamer in these battles, the more experience they will gain. However, matches can be somewhat competitive, and those not exactly fond of the competitive side of the game are advised not to opt for this method.

Casual players should mostly stick to the Crab N Go food items and enjoy the game with their friends.