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Star Citizen players to receive free REC with next Arena Commander module release

Star Citizen players to receive free REC with next Arena Commander module release

News 18 Mar 2015, 14:17 IST
Star Citizen has now surpassed $73 million in funding

The next release of the Arena Commander module will be rewarding Star Citizen players with free in-game Rental Equipment Credits. Creator, Chris Roberts, has confirmed that players will be getting free REC with the release of the next module. These Credits can also be earned in-game via ranked PVP Multiplayer Game Modes. They can then be used to rent in-game ships and gear.

The next Arena Commander module (dubbed Star Citizen 1.1) is scheduled for release sometime this week “barring serious issues!”. The update will include a range of long-awaited content such as “the Retaliator, the Gladius, the REC system, multiplayer free flight, improvements to the flight model, manual and automatic landings”.

Although not being a visible feature the team will also be adding 64-bit floating point precision which will allow for “significantly larger maps.”

The recently announced Rental Equipment Credits, REC system will also be added with this update and can be earned by playing Arena Commander. According to the games official website, the funding has now surpassed $73 million in February 2015, making Star Citizen the "most-funded crowdfunding project anywhere".

To celebrate this feat, Roberts has announced that each player will be rewarded with 5,000 REC which he feels will be enough to to “give you all some cool toys to play with.”

Star Citizen is slated to release sometime in 2016 for the PC, and Linux and will be about 100 GB in size. You can check out the games first person module details here.

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