"Starting to reach a breaking point": Lost Ark moderators are preventing players from criticizing the issues of the game

Lost Ark moderator has been accused of banning a user on grounds of criticism (Image via Amazon Games)
Lost Ark moderator has been accused of banning a user on grounds of criticism (Image via Amazon Games)

Despite Lost Ark's successful launch to the western audience, the game hasn't been free of problems. The forums have been a good place for the developers to identify issues that have affected the players from time to time. Some of the activities reported by the developers have acknowledged problems like the missing Crystalline Aura and the broken raids.

We are aware of an issue within the Tytalos Guardian Raid and working on a hotfix we aim to release on Monday. Until then, we strongly suggest avoiding it so you do not expend valuable time or resources. Thank you for your patience. Read all details:…

While not every complaint has substance, it's still essential for the developers to let the players have their say. Without a voice from the players, it becomes difficult for the developers to know the game's issues. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, it appears that the feedback from one player may not have pleased the officials. As a result, their ability to post and comment on the forum has been taken away.

Lost Ark player complains about the state of the game on the forum but gets censored

Despite Lost Ark's massive launch, there are issues that the game has suffered from. There has been no shortage of problems in the last month, from long queue times to additions that don't work as intended. A summary of that was written by a player and forum user who criticized Amazon Games' approach regarding the issues.

The post put by the user (Image via Lost Ark Forums)
The post put by the user (Image via Lost Ark Forums)

The user stated how the attitude of the developers is to release something broken or bugged and then fix it is problematic. The recent Tytalos raid issue is just one of the few issues that has routinely plagued the new content when added to the game.

After making the post, for some unexplained reason, the ability of the main post owner to comment or post something fresh was taken away by a moderator. The post owner stated this in an edit to the main post.

It's a bit strange as to why the user was censored and his comments were restricted. The post also states the issues plaguing other games like New World and Battlefield 2042, where lack of content has been a severe problem.

No cuss words or personal attacks were visible in the main post at the time of writing. Furthermore, there hasn't been any official acknowledgment to any degree as to why the ban was being given.

I know we’re giving kudos to Amazon for the Lost Ark launch but checking in on New World, these recent numbers do nottt seem great

Censorship or not, the points raised by the said post owner are pretty valid, especially when one brings New World into account. Despite routine updates and content, the game's player count has fallen from nearly a million to less than 40,000.

Given that Amazon Games also manages New World, the company would surely like to prevent repeating the same issues with Lost Ark. It remains to be seen if the main topics raised in the criticism by the post owner will be addressed by the developers.

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