Steam Next Fest 2022: Dates, games, and more

The upcoming Next Fest (Image via Sportskeeda)
The upcoming Next Fest (Image via Sportskeeda)

Steam's Next Fest provides a platform for numerous developers to showcase their upcoming games. The multi-day celebration allows fans to "try out demos, chat with developers, watch livestreams, and learn about upcoming games". This enables the developers "to get early feedback from players and build an audience for a future launch".

The Next Fest returns early in 2022. Titles from multiple genres will be featured as developers showcase their craft during this time. Players will be treated to many demos that they can try their hands at.


When is Steam Next Fest going to be held?

Steam Next Fest will be held from February 21 (10 am PT / 11.30 pm IST) through February 28. The official description of the event is where players can -

"Check out a new batch of demos from hundreds of upcoming games on Steam. Test them out for free. And check out other features of the fest like the official live stream, developers' chats, and more. Explore the latest from veteran devs and first timers alike."

Generally focussing on indie titles, the demos offer the players a chance to check out what the developers are working on. The ability to interact with devs allows the community to communicate their feedback regarding their playthroughs.

This time around, demos will be divided by genres and sub-genres to help players browse through the crops of titles that suit their choices. The platform will also likely recommend games that players will like based on their previous decisions and purchases.

A vast number of demos will be up for grabs when the fest comes online tomorrow. Some titles that players can check out include - Boundary, a tactical multiplayer shooter game based on Zero-G, GigaBash, the arena Kaiju brawler game, and the space colonization Occupy Mars. Players are eagerly awaiting Steam to declare the schedule for the event.

The previous iteration of the fest, held last October, presented a look at more than 700 titles and proved to be a significant success. The event marks a week of excitement for anyone who loves indie titles and wants to see what is in store shortly.

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