Top 5 demos players can try out in Steam Next Fest

Players can try out a variety of demos in the event (Image via Steam)
Players can try out a variety of demos in the event (Image via Steam)
Sampad Banerjee

Steam Next Fest is the annual online festival on Valve’s Steam Platform. Players can try out demos of upcoming games by various developers and genres with indie and big names and play them throughout the duration of the event.

This year’s Steam Next Fest is happening from October 1 to 7, 2021 and features a large list of games. From first-person shooters, immersive sims and even city builders, the choices are staggering and massive. Here are a few of the demos players can sink their teeth into and enjoy.

Steam Next Fest: Five game demos for players to enjoy

Steam Next Fest is just hours away! Check out the lineup of livestreams and set reminders to join as your new favorite devs show off their upcoming…

Steam Next Fest features hundreds of demos by various developers, and even though the list could go on with a lot of good games to showcase, here are five games players on Steam should definitely try out.

1) Postal: Brain Damaged

Developer - Hyperstrange and Creative Forge Games


Postal Brain Damaged (Image via Hyperstrange)
Postal Brain Damaged (Image via Hyperstrange)

Postal: Brain Damaged is an upcoming fast-paced first-person shooter developed by Polish developer Hyperstrange. The game is a spin-off to Running With Scissors’ Postal series, and features the series Protagonist Postal Dude, voiced by Cory Cruise.

The game happens in Postal Dude’s damaged brain, where players can shoot and dismember strange-looking creatures as well as humans using their arsenal.

The demo features a gun with homing bullets, a hook-chain shotgun, one chainsaw shovel for dismembering and a lot of other weapons. Steam Players who want to try out some fast-paced stage-based old-school shooters can try this game out. Disclaimer: There is a lot of profanity and gore.

2) The Good Life

Developer - White Owls Inc.

Try the demo here - THE GOOD LIFE

The Good Life (Image via White Owls Inc.)
The Good Life (Image via White Owls Inc.)

Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro, also known in the gaming community by his moniker “Swery 65” is a well-known developer who is known to create some very strange, wacky games with its own set of technical issues. The Good Life, however, feels pretty grounded, homely and comfy.

Developed by Swery’s White Owls Inc., The Good Life is an open-world adventure game. Players control American journalist Naomi Haywood, as she arrives in a fictional English Town called “Rainy Woods” to uncover its secret, while also trying to get rid of her debt.

The demo gives Steam users a glimpse of what the final game is gonna be like by letting players take pictures of the town to earn money, buy food, buy clothing and much more. Players on Steam who want a more laid-back and comfortable experience can try out The Good Life.

3) Fallen Aces

Developers - Trey Powell, Jason Bond

Try the game here - FALLEN ACES

Fallen Aces (Image via New Blood Interactive)
Fallen Aces (Image via New Blood Interactive)

Fallen Aces is a FPS Crime Noir, featuring beautiful hand-drawn art that looks straight out of an old noir comic book, and has the '90s noir feel to it. Published by New Blood Interactive, players in the demo take on the role of a member of A.C.E.S, the watchful protector of the Switchblade City being sent to rescue one of the undercover agents from a local mob boss.

Steam Players can use a variety of items in the environment to subdue the mobs, dodge incoming attacks, parry and block the mobs' punches and hits, sneak up on enemies and knock them out and even take alternate routes which are safer. The demo features the first few minutes of the game and gives a good idea on how the game is shaping up to be.

4) Not Tonight 2

Developer - PanicBarn

Try the game here - NOT TONIGHT 2

Not Tonight 2 (Image via No More Robots)
Not Tonight 2 (Image via No More Robots)

Not Tonight 2 is a document-checking road trip, with time-sensitive events and RPG elements added to it. The game is set in an alternative dystopian America, where greed and capitalism have taken over the country, and your friend Eduardo has been detained during a protest. Eduardo has 30 days in prison until he is processed in Miami Gulag.

Steam Players in the demo get a taste of the first few hours of the game, showcasing what the game is trying to do. While the first Not Tonight was pretty straightforward and followed by a single protagonist, Not Tonight 2 follows three different protagonists going on a road trip to save their friend while working as a bouncer around the country to make money for the road trip.

5) Terror of Hemasaurus

Developer - Loren Lemcke

Try the game here - TERROR OF HEMASAURUS

Terror of Hemasaurus (Image via Digerati)
Terror of Hemasaurus (Image via Digerati)

Ever wondered what it feels like to wreak havoc on a city while destroying everything in its path? Terror of Hemasaurus lets you live those fantasies. Developed by Loren Lemcke, Terror of Hemasaurus follows a shady church called “Church of the Holy Lizard,” unleashing a giant Kaiju lizard on the planet to save the Earth from destroying itself.

The game is a 2D side scroller smash ‘em up with beautiful retro pixel art, and with only one goal for players to follow: destroy. Players can break big buildings, maim and injure citizens, and unleash their ultimate carnage on the planet. The game even allows four players to co-op, so players can bring their friends on Steam and take part in the absolute destructive carnage in Terror of Hemasaurus.

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

Edited by R. Elahi


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