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Still Waiting? Here is how you can get a Valorant Beta key today

Image credits: Riot Games / Forbes
Image credits: Riot Games / Forbes
Modified 08 May 2020

Valorant is currently a closed beta game. It means that in order to get into the Valorant game you would require a Valorant Beta key.

No, you cannot simply sign up on a website to receive the Valorant beta key. There are a few steps involved that require both time and patience before getting access to Valorant, the latest sensation in the world of gaming.

This article will take you through this most sought after question and a few other pieces of Valorant news.

How to get a Valorant beta key?

Your guide on how to get a Valorant beta key (Image Credits: @VALORANT on Twitter)
Your guide on how to get a Valorant beta key (Image Credits: @VALORANT on Twitter)

As previously mentioned, acquiring Valorant beta key isn't simple. A better approach to grab the key is to let it come to you instead of you chasing it around. 

Here is how it can be done.

1) You will need an official Riot Games account.

2) If you do not have a Twitch account yet, sign-up for one as well. We suggest you to also download the Twitch app on your Android or iOS devices for easier access.

3) Link your Riot Games account to your Twitch account.


Good work! You can go ahead and get yourself a cup of coffee or a can of coke because the next part is going to be slightly more time-consuming.

4) In the Twitch search bar look for 'Valorant'. There is no need to directly type 'Valorant Beta key' in the search bar since that may only complicate things rather than help.

5) You will now be presented with a screen with tons of streamers who are currently streaming Valorant.

No, this isn't all about Valorant's Beta key. They aren't just going to hand the key over to you, so hold your horses lads!

6) Look for streams that have 'DROPS ENABLED' in their title.

Valorant beta keys are availalbe on streams tagged with
Valorant beta keys are availalbe on streams tagged with 'DROPS ENABLED'

7) Watch the streams and keep an eye out for Valorant beta key drops.

Riot Games explained that viewers who have more watch time (higher than two hours) have a higher chance of getting an invite. As of now, this is the only possibe way to get your hands on Valorant beta keys.

The selection process, however, is random. You may find folks with much less watch time than you getting access keys and hopping into a game. Moreover, only certain regions are currently invited to be a part of Valorant closed beta as mentioned in their blog post:

For now, space is limited to players in Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia and CIS countries. The plan is to roll out to more regions, if possible, pending the volatile logistics of launching a beta effectively during a global pandemic.

How to fix Valorant Error 43

Image Credits: Riot Games
Image Credits: Riot Games

Nobody likes to be burdened with an error code after spending countless hours trying to get the Valorant beta key.

The game is still in its beta stage and errors like these are expected to happen.

However, there is a simple fix to get rid of Valorant Error 43 in just a few steps before being able to hop into the game.

1) Go to your 'Task Manager' and type 'Valorant' on your PC or laptop.

2) Locate the Riot Games client and shut it down as well. You can also do this from Task manager while going through the previous step.

This should fix the problem for most people. In any case, if you have been unfortunate in your initial attempt, here is what you need to do to fix Valorant error code 43.

Restart your computer after you have finished steps 1 and 2. Try launching Valorant again. This should have fixed your issues and your game should now connect without any errors being displayed.


While Valorant announced on their Twitter account that the issue has been fixed, many players still seem to be facing this problem.

If none of these steps ease your problem, the next step is to contact Riot Games support team. To report and get in touch with Valorant support team regarding 'Valorant Error 43' or anything else, use this link: Valorant Support

You can also reach out to them on Twitter by visiting their official account here

Will Valorant be on Console?

Controllers have never been an ideal choice for gaming when it comes to tactical games like Valorant, and there is no official news on whether we are going to see Valorant on Console.

If you have been around the gaming scene for long enough, you'd know of the cold war that goes on between 'Console' and 'PC' players. Each group complains about the other one being too over-powering. Many PC players have switched to Valorant due to the game feeling fresh and free of cross-platform as of now. 

Riot Games sure have a challenging decision to make when it comes to this.

Published 05 May 2020, 00:06 IST
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