“I’m so upset right now”: Twitch streamer banned for DMCA expects payment for “sick days”

DMCA bans TheDanDangler on Twitch for watching Forged in Fire on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
DMCA bans TheDanDangler on Twitch for watching Forged in Fire on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer Danyell "TheDanDangler" was recently banned for DMCA infringement. The ban was enforced as a result of her watching popular TV show Forged in Fire live on stream. This comes after the bans on Pokimane and Disguised Toast earlier this week.

Left utterly perplexed by the situation, Danyell took to Twitter to inform her fans and lambast the streaming platform.

got banned for watching forged in fire on stream. I have Covid and don't feel well enough to entertain. @twitch does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for sick days or time off. i have a $4000 vet bill to pay when I pick River up. I'm so upset right now. I just want to cry in a ball.

DMCA bans Danyell for watching TV on stream

Danyell also described how the ban came at a bad time, stating that her dog was in critical care and that she had contracted COVID. She went on to say that Twitch does nothing for its streamers in terms of sick days and time off, essentially arguing that the company should compensate her for the time she can't stream.

A small number of loyal fans came to wish her well, hoping that she can get through the hardships and return to streaming.

@thedandangler @Twitch Sorry to hear your situation, feel better soon and hope things get better.
@thedandangler @Twitch Should be 2 days. If it’s more then start a riot!

However, almost everyone else responded to the tweet by questioning her decision to watch the TV show when DMCA has recently been active on Twitch. Furthermore, many claimed that she was aware of her actions.

@thedandangler @Twitch You’re lucky Forged in Fire doesn’t sue you for DMCA infringement. You’re making money off of showing their show. Imagine if I started a page and showed nothing but your previous streams and was making money off of it. Wouldn’t you be mad? Can’t use others content for profit
@Clapitsadam @thedandangler @Twitch She streamed copyrighted content. This is entitlement, and a lack of remorse for her ban that will likely impact the platform even more when it comes to DMCA. A lot of us are sick right now. We're still not streaming TV Shows and Movies.

Other users commented on her complaints about paid leave, mocking her and saying that she is self employed and can take time off at her leisure. Some also brought up that she has been regularly taking time off and that if she needed more money, she could have kept streaming.

@thedandangler @Twitch Most real jobs don't give you paid time off anyways unless you work a salaried position.Being a full time twitch streamer is something millions wish they could do, but it comes with issues like this that you have to learn how to deal with.Hope you get better soon.
@thedandangler @Twitch Goes on vacation like 3 times in the last few months and complains about a vet bill 😂
@thedandangler @Twitch Sorry to state the obvious... but you broke copyright law in addition to Twitch's TOS... what did you expect was going to happen? I'm really sorry you got COVID and have a large vet bill 😭... but wasn't this ban something you could have expected? 🤔😢

The common theme in these replies is that people held her responsible for breaking Twitch's DMCA rules. Multiple tweets claimed she shouldn't be playing the victim to try and garner more attention for a problem she caused. Some even stated that this should be deleted to try and save face.

@thedandangler @Twitch I also highly recommend deleting this tweet as it paints you out to be expecting special treatment and playing the victim. You knew watching that show was against ToS and broke DMCA law. You also SHOULD know that you are SELF EMPLOYED. Streamers are not employees of twitch.

Usually, when a streamer is banned, there is a war of opinion on whether it was just or not, but this specific situation seems to have elicited a nearly unanimous opinion on the internet.

While almost no one gave her sympathy for the ban, many believed this was either an intentional attempt to garner more attention or that she willingly ignored the rules of Twitch to create lazy content while she was sick.

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