“I hope the ad revenue was good”: Twitch streamer Rich Campbell roasts Disguised Toast

Rich Campbell (Pictured Left) shoots back at Disguised Toast for calling him "Some guy" on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rich Campbell (Pictured Left) shoots back at Disguised Toast for calling him "Some guy" on stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
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In his latest stream, Rich Campbell reacted to a clip where Disguised Toast referred to him as 'some dude.' This sent him into a laughing fit, where he then shot back with sharp barbs of his own.

He starts the clip by laughing about what Disguised Toast had called him, then quickly shoots back with his own jibes.

"Some dude? *laughter* I liked him better when he didn't stream with his stupid-a** face, bro!"

He then goes on to claim that he doesn't hate Toast's reaction to content on stream, but is rather annoyed at him for acting like he didn't choose easy content to retain his own viewership.

"By all means, play ball dude! I hope the ad revenue was good and I hope you're enjoying your vacation, but come on bro! You're not some genius, man! *laughter* What's he gonna do when he gets back? I don't even know."

Rich Campbell roasts Disguised Toast, laughs the whole way through

After throwing a few quips of his own, Rich Campbell then goes on to say that he doesn't care about Toast not knowing his name. However, the former isn't happy with Toast's supposed holier-than-thou attitude towards him.

He then claims that people are watching the OTV member right now because of his participation in the latest react meta on Twitch. He quipped,

"Look, I don't care about him not knowing my name, but is he literally sitting here like he's some content genius?! Bro, you were watching anime, you idiot! You were watching anime because you were dramatically losing viewership and you wanted to do something relevant!"

Fans chime in on Rich Campbell's reaction

While his audience was laughing alongside him, members of Reddit shared their discomfort with the clip. Many believe the copious amount of laughter was an attempt to cover up his true emotions after watching the clip.

Most seem to agree that Rich is getting noticeably heated during the clip, and is trying to keep his cool and play it off like he doesn't care.

Some even jokingly expect a 'war' to be had over the clip, where members of both OTK and OTV (the organization Toast belongs to) would fight each other, defending their members and their comments.

It seems as though Reddit doesn't have any interest in defending Toast, but instead wishes to criticize Rich Campbell for his reaction to the clip.

But will this strike a further debate involving more members of OTK and OTV, or will this 'roast' be forgotten by tomorrow? We'll just have to see how both Rich Campbell and Disguised Toast respond to each other, if they will at all.

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