Shroud, moistcr1tical, and more react to Ludwig beating xQc to ‘Streamer of the Year’

Shroud also won Gamer of the Year at the same ceremony (Image via Sportskeeda)
Shroud also won Gamer of the Year at the same ceremony (Image via Sportskeeda)

Ludwig's "Streamer of the Year" award win, beating xQc, has been the source of controversy ever since it was announced at the Streamer Awards several hours ago. While no comment on the relevant allegations has been made by Ludwig himself, fellow streamers have taken a stand on the brewing debate between the fanbases of various streamers.

Read on to find out what the big names in the community have to say about the biggest controversy from the Streamer Awards.

Shroud and other streamers weigh in on Ludwig winning "Streamer of the Year" over xQc

Ludwig won out over three fellow streamers, namely, xQc, Mizkif, and Sykunno. While all three congratulated him on his win at the event, their fans, and xQc's in particular, are particularly angry about him losing out on the title. This is what has sparked a controversy that has everyone in the streaming community hooked.

Shroud shared his opinion on the same in a recent stream:

The former CS:GO pro joined xQc fans in expressing shock that he lost:

"I am actually pretty shocked that xQc didn't win that last one. Ludwig did definitely have a huge year, for sure, but...I don't's know what I mean?"

Shroud was presumably referring to xQc's higher average viewer count and the massive number of "Juicers," the fanbase that makes xQc the Twitch giant that he is. Shroud was also awarded "Gamer of the Year" at the Streamer Awards, just before the Streamer of the Year award was doled out.

Winner of the "Best Variety Streamer" award, moistcr1tikal, also gave his opinion on the controversy in his latest stream.

The streamer was discussing various details about the awards ceremony when members of the chat were talking about the controversy, prompting him to give his opinion on the same.

"(talking about the awards) D*mn, that was so well done. They really killed it. Then there was the controversy; I think they genuinely used real votes because, like from a pure optics perspective, they would be worried about Ludwig winning. But they were probably so committed about using the actual votes that he just did win."

He further explained some possible reasons why xQc might have lost out to Ludwig:

"There's a good chance the Juicers voted for other people because X (xQc) was really humble about it. I know he voted for like Buddha in the GTA RP category and sh*t like that."

The creator essentially stated that Lud must have genuinely earned more votes to win over xQc as the latter did not really pursue any kind of stringent campaigning or make an effort to win, as demonstrated by him voting for other streamers in categories where he too was a nominee.

Prominent Twitch personality, yourragegaming, who was watching the award show stream on his channel, was visibly excited when xQc's name was announced as a nominee in the "Streamer of the Year" category.

"LET'S GO X, we need an xQcW bro, let's go let's go let's gooo (claps)."

After hearing the eventual winner's name being announced, the streamer promptly stopped watching the award show's livestream.

Comments by both Ludwig and xQc will finally settle the matter, and are eagerly awaited by everyone in the streaming community.

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