Streamers react as FaZe Jarvis is banned from Fortnite again 

FaZe Jarvis sent the internet into a tizzy when he tweeted that he would be streaming Fortnite once again (Image Credit: Insider)
FaZe Jarvis sent the internet into a tizzy when he tweeted that he would be streaming Fortnite once again (Image Credit: Insider)
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Epic Games has banned FaZe Jarvis from Fortnite once again after the 19-year-old tried streaming the game recently.

FaZe Jarvis tweeted out that it has been almost a year since he was permanently banned from Fortnite, and added that he was going to stream the game publicly for the first time since the ban.

Jarvis tweeted out that he would be streaming Fortnite again, causing quite a stir in the gaming community and essentially taunting Epic Games. The stream had all the information on the screen blacked out in an apparent attempt to stop Epic Games from banning his Fortnite account.

FaZe Jarvis gets banned from Fortnite again

It took around 15 minutes before Jarvis was banned yet again live on stream. He was in the middle of a game and was suddenly logged out of his account and pulled out.

Jarvis was never unbanned from Fortnite by Epic Games, and no one is really sure what he expected from the stream. SypherPK had his own reaction and was clearly watching when he tweeted:

Jarvis' stunt was gaining a ton of traction and garnering the attention of the whole Fortnite community. That's not surprising as there was complete confusion around the event.

Benjyfishy was also clearly amazed by the situation as he tweeted out:

Did FaZe Jarvis stage the stream?

There are many who now believe that the stream was a publicity stunt, and for good reason. The main reason is that when Jarvis was banned from Fortnite, he was brought to the logout screen. In other words, someone likely logged into his account on another device rather than the account being genuinely banned.

Another major reason is the scene following the alleged ban. Jarvis jumped around overly-hyped and appeared to be over-compensating his surprise. Immediately after, a man with a camera, who is clearly recording, interrupted Jarvis, saying that his manager needed the stream to be shut down. The whole conversation seemed convenient and poorly acted.

After his ban from Fortnite about a year ago, Jarvis hasn't necessarily been the same. He was banned for recording YouTube videos where he used an aimbot to get kills and win games, which was a clear terms-of-service breach. There was a major push to unban the young Fortnite player but ultimately, nothing came of it.

Now, many believe that the whole stream back on Fortnite was a publicity stunt to get Jarvis back into the spotlight. Whether or not it was real, it created some real buzz around his name.

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