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Super Smash Bros. pro Leffen calls minimum wage jobs 'easy', profusely apologizes as soon as his tweet backfires

Image Credits: Liquipedia
Image Credits: Liquipedia
Modified 03 Oct 2020, 18:00 IST

In today's digital age, streaming has emerged as one of the most popular and viable professions, more so since the onset of the global pandemic.

Apart from establishing an interactive relationship with fans worldwide, streaming has also emerged as an extremely lucrative profession considering the popularity and demand of video games in the global entertainment sphere.

Hence, we are currently experiencing a streaming boom, as streamers are frequently known to be in the limelight, either for their skills or personas.

This is what makes such a kind of life all the more susceptible to intense scrutiny; one wrong step and you could find yourself on the receiving end of backlash, which is precisely what happened with a Super Smash Bros. pro player called Leffen.

In a controversial tweet, now deleted, the 25-year-old made an unreasonable comparison between streaming and minimum wage jobs:

Image Credits: Twitter
Image Credits: Twitter

This single tweet led to Leffen trending for all the wrong reasons, as he instantly faced intense backlash over his insensitive and misguided understanding of minimum wage jobs vis a vis streaming.

Leffen apologises for 'minimum wage' comparison


Leffen is known to make controversial statements that have invoked the ire of the online community. But with his recent comparison, he seems to have touched upon a real raw nerve.


Soon after his tweet went viral and Leffen began to face criticism online for making an undue comparison with minimum wage workers, he seemed to have realized his folly and issued an apology, admitting that his sh***y tweet was in bad taste:

He provided a little context as to what exactly prompted him to post the tweet in the first place.

Stating that a minimum wage job would be preferable if it paid the same, Leffen also acknowledged the fact that the pay and working conditions in the US are 'straight-up inhuman at times'.


Admitting that he was extremely lucky and fortunate to be a professional streamer, Leffen also highlighted its drawbacks and ended by advocating a change in the structure of minimum wage jobs, alongside apologizing one final time:

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Published 03 Oct 2020, 18:00 IST
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