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Team Signify disband their CS: GO & Dota 2 Team due to conflict of interests

147   //    28 Jun 2019, 07:52 IST

Team Signify disband their CS: GO & Dota 2 roster
Team Signify disband their CS: GO & Dota 2 roster

To what comes as a very surprising incident in the Indian eSports Scene, it was announced today that Team Signify will be completely dissolving all its operations from 1st July, 2019.

That means the brand will cease to exist while all their teams will be disbanded. Given that Signify was one of the biggest and leading sports organizations in the country this was a very surprising.

The reasons for the disband has been cited as a conflict of interests. Signify is a product of Horizon Sports Pvt Ltd. The conflict has arisen between Horizon Sports and Cobx Gaming Pvt. Ltd. over the structure of ownership.

Mr. Rajdip Gupta, Co-founder, Horizon Sports added that the move was a direct result of the conflict.

He further said that since Horizon Sports was actively involved in the conduction of tournaments and the move was undertaken to avoid any further conflicts with CobX gaming. Finally, he thanked the players and assured their support for them by adding,

"We would also like to thank our players for giving the team their all and wish them the best for what lies ahead. As an organization, we will be doing everything we can to help the players secure the next step in their career and find their ground.”

Signify as a brand has been one of the leading eSports organisations in the country. Started back in 2017, the teams under Signify had witnessed great success by winning a number of tournaments. However, due to an unprecedented turn of events, their journey is coming to an end. The teams will be competing in the ESL India Premiership 2019 Summer LAN Finale, but that will be the last one would see from Signify. 

Signify thanks its fans on behalf of the players in the announcement. Thanking the fans who showed immense support to them, they added

“Without the support of the media and their patrons, without the people who showed up at every meet and greet, without those loud cheers every time they were up on stage or without those that stood by them through all their highs and lows none of this would have been possible.”