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TFT: 3 best team cops in the game

  • The 3 best team composition in the game right now!
Kuldeep Thapa
Modified 18 Jul 2019, 13:01 IST
Via LOL Esports
Via LOL Esports

There are multiple ways to approach a game in Team Fight Tactics. There is no one best composition and it all depends on the RNG and the champions you are dealt with. However, there are certain compositions which are very hard to create but once achieved they are devastating. Here are 3 super strong team compositions that are almost impossible to defeat:

All Noble Composition

Noble Champions are one of the most easily available champions during the early game. Vayne, Garen, and Fiora are all 1 Gold champion so they are pretty easy to get during the first few rounds. Garen and Vayne transition pretty well if upgraded and stacked properly however Fiora works just as a filler. Lucian will cost you 2 gold and can act as a secondary carry along with Vayne. The mid-game is really well the struggle begins since other teams will have higher rarity champions in most cases.

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You need to add a Leona which is a 4 gold champion and then to complete the Noble buff you need to add Kayle. This will round off the Noble class and will grant your entire team champions +100 Armor and 35 health per attack. This is insanely powerful and pretty much will make your team invincible but remember 6 nobles are required to proc the buff for the entire team.

All Glacial Composition

This composition evolves around permanently stunning the enemy team and slowly demolishing them all. You obviously can't immediately start building this composition as most of the champions required are not 1 gold unit or 2 gold unit. Start with a basic 1 Gold unit and try to pick glacials whenever possible.

This includes Ashe, Volibear, Braum, Sejuani, Lissandra, and Anivia. You need 6 Glacials for this composition to work perfectly. Once you get 6 Glacial you will have a 45% chance to stun enemy units with every basic attack.

Unlike Noble composition, you can change the origin of any champion to Glacial with the help of Frozen Mallet. You need to combine a Spatula and Giants Belt to get a Frozen Mallet. You multiple sources of damage in this composition and its very safe.


All Yordle Composition

Assasins are one of the most popular champions right now TFT. It's always very frustrating to play against Assasins. It's hard to watch your units getting one-shot by enemy units in a blink of an eye. However, one composition that does very well against Assasins is all Yordle composition.

When you have 6 Yordles in your team the enemy has a 50% chance to miss an attack against a Yordle. This is very effective to counter Assasins in the later stages of the game. The composition includes Poppy, Tristana, Veiger, Gnar, Lulu, and Kennen. You have multiple sources of damage from Tristana, Kennen, and Veiger.

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Published 18 Jul 2019, 13:01 IST
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