"Thanks for showing me your face!": Corpse Husband has apparently shown his face to Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X recently revealed that Corpse Husband has allegedly shown him his face
Lil Nas X recently revealed that Corpse Husband has allegedly shown him his face
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

During a recent Among Us stream, popular music artist Lil Nas X dropped a bombshell by thanking Corpse Husband for reportedly showing his face to him.

After Corpse Husband's recent tweet asking Lil Nas X for a game of Among Us went viral, the 21-year old "Old Town Road" hitmaker obliged by joining Corpse's lobby for an eventful game alongside personalities such as Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Pokimane, Bretman Rock, and more.

However, the highlight of the day came when at one particular juncture, Lil Nas X thanked Corpse Husband for showing him his face.

This revelation led to a barrage of comments online, with fans wondering if Lil Nas X is indeed one of the few people in the world to have seen Corpse Husband, unmasked.

A Corpse Husband face reveal ft. Lil Nas X


In the clip above, Lil Nas X can be heard conversing with the Among Us lobby, only to suddenly thank Corpse Husband for showing him his face:

"Thank you for letting me see your face, Corpse!"

This invited a shocked response from everyone else in the lobby, particularly Valkyrae, who responded by asking if he really saw Corpse's face.

In his defense, a meek Corpse Husband innocently replied that Lil Nas X was the only one he could trust because there was a lot at stake.

However, he only ended up making things worse, as Valkyrae and Sykkuno pretended to take offense and teased him about how Lil Nas X was the only one he could trust.

Corpse Husband then tried to make amends by explaining why he had to show his face to Lil Nas X:

"He said the only way he could play was if I showed him my face."

Valkyrae continued to hilariously tease him by saying that she will definitely keep this in mind and that the next time they play, Corpse will have to show her his face as well.

In light of Lil Nas X's recent revelation, Twitter was abuzz with several reactions as fans wondered if the singer had indeed seen Corpse Husband's face or not:

From the tweets above, it is quite evident that fans are in a state of confusion as to whether Lil Nas X did really see the face of Corpse Husband or if it is all a light-hearted troll on their part.

With the recent Lil Nas X crossover, Corpse Husband continues to be in the midst of a prolonged purple patch, having also recently interacted with another popular singer, Halsey, in a memorable Twitter exchange.

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