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The $80 million Pokimane Twitch donation: What really happened? 

Image Credits: Reddit
Image Credits: Reddit
Modified 28 Sep 2020, 17:14 IST

Imane "Pokimane" Anys is one of the most popular streamers today and has amassed a stellar fan following of millions across various social media platforms.

The 24-year-old Twitch star has carved a name for herself through her initial League of Legends and Fortnite streams, and has since then progressed to making reaction videos and playing games such as Among Us.

While she may be one of the most popular streamers, she is also one of the most controversial ones, owing to her persona and primarily due to her 'simp' army of fans at large.

Her fans are often known to go to extreme lengths to display their undying affection for their 'simp queen,' and in a shocking instance, a simp allegedly donated a whopping $80 million to Pokimane!

A sum of $80 million is genuinely eye-watering and makes one wonder - is a simp crazy enough to actually donate such an amount, or is there more than what meets the eye?

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Debunking the Pokimane $80 million donation ft. Walter White


The original clip which plays involves Pokimane running off-camera excitedly as she chases fellow YouTuber CallMeCarson, who sneaks in and steals her diary.

In reality, the story behind the $80 million Pokimane donation is that it is nothing but a farcical meme that was created to mock the outrageous behavior of simps who often tend to go overboard with their donations.

What made the meme even more hilarious is the fact that Walter White from the cult TV show Breaking Bad makes an appearance and even utters his trademark line- 'Say my name,' which is used to take a jibe at how some simps would yearn for Pokimane to say their name on the live stream literally:

Walter White from Breaking Bad and the
Walter White from Breaking Bad and the 'Say my name' meme (Image Credits: PictureQuote)

In fact, the meme became so popular that Pokimane herself reacted to the clip, which left her in splits.

The popularity of the $80 million Pokimane donation meme is such that it has raked in 4 million views so far and even spawned a sequel featuring Walter White yet again!

The witty editing, combined with the funky music, led to people labeling Walter White 'the king of simps', and with that, the legend of the $80 million Pokimane Twitch donation was born.

Published 28 Sep 2020, 16:09 IST
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