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The Simp song ft. Pokimane and Belle Delphine drops on YouTube

YouTuber Day by Dave just dropped a song titled, The Simp Song.
YouTuber Day by Dave just dropped a song titled, The Simp Song.
Modified 17 Aug 2020

In the world of streaming, a word that has become synonymous with a large section of a female streamer's fan base is 'Simp,' which has led to the birth of the 'Gamer girl' stereotype.

The term Simp is often used in a derogatory manner to generally refer to men who are extra attentive and submissive to women, in the hopes of receiving some form of romantic attention.

Of late, the simp phenomenon has exploded all over the internet, notably in the case of Imane 'Pokimane' Anys, who happens to be one of the most popular streamers in the world. With Pokimane on a break from streaming, there appears to be a new claimant to the throne of 'Simp Queen', in the form of the controversial streamer, Belle Delphine.

To get an understanding of what exactly defines Simp culture, check out the tweets related to the aforementioned streamers below:

Keeping this toxicity in mind, YouTuber Day by Dave has released The Simp song.

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The Simp song ft. Pokimane and Belle Delphine

Showing support and affection for content creators is not at all a problem. Instead, it is the practice of going overboard in a highly toxic manner, which is downright problematic.

The simps of Pokimane and Belle Delphine are commonly referred to as toxic on account of their unwavering submissiveness towards their idealized notions of 'perfection.' Notoriously known to donate large sums of donations, which are supplemented by repeated requests of OnlyFans accounts, such people have become a source of mockery and derision on social media platforms.

Deciding to capture this very phenomenon, The Simp song, by English musician and YouTuber Dave Jones, is an attempt to ridicule the prevalent simp culture which exists in today's digital age. He is known for making parody songs on popular memes and has 363K subscribers on YouTube.


According to the chorus of the song, the word SIMP stands for:

S is for seduction, you've been charmed by her corruption
I is for impressing girls online with your investment
M is for the money that you lost since all this started
P is for the princess , always gave her what she wanted

In an absolute no-holds-barred music video, Day by Dave tears into simps and addresses them directly with a plethora of hard-hitting lyrics such as:

You're a Simp, plain and simple, little simp getting swindled , every smile, every giggle makes you feel less single.
You're never gonna be more than a revenue source, when you move along, there'll be a thousand more .

The Simp song has garnered an impressive 127K views so far, which are increasing as Simp culture continues to be a rampant issue in today's streaming sector. Moreover, the idealistic and misinterpreted notions that such simps often believe in result in no recompense whatsoever.

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Published 17 Aug 2020, 19:10 IST
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