Belle Delphine takes over spotlight, could become next victim of 'Cancel Culture'

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Modified 15 Aug 2020

Over the past few months, quite a lot has been made about Pokimane and her 'simp' fans. Many content creators have accused her of lying about having a boyfriend, including notable ones like Keemstar and Calvin 'Leafy' Vail. Regardless, these controversies had little to no effect on the growth of her fan base.

A few days ago, however, Pokimane announced that she would be taking a 'month-long' break from all kinds of streaming and content creation. And now, it seems that the attention of the gaming community has shifted towards another streamer. South Africa-born 'Belle Delphine' has seen her fair share of controversies, and might just become the next victim of the 'Cancel Culture' that has affected Pokimane in the recent past.

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Belle Delphine might become the next victim of 'Cancel Culture'

June 2019 was perhaps the first time Belle Delphine attracted mainstream attention. On Instagram, she has in the past gotten a lot of negative responses for her glamour videos and cosplay modelling-related content.

Regardless, Belle Delphine has gained substantial traction on that platform, and has garnered over 4.5 million followers. Further, her YouTube account has around 1.6 million subscribers, although she has posted only four videos on the platform.

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Further, in July 2019, we saw her release her own range of what can only be described as explicit products. Since then, Belle Delphine has released more products, including posters and other controversial items.

The same month, her Instagram account got banned after a platform-wide reporting campaign. Around November 2019, Belle Delphine decided to take a break from social media, and returned around six months later, in June 2020.

Regardless, the kind of content that she posts has primarily stayed the same, and she has continuously received criticism for the same. And with Pokimane taking a break, various content creators seem to have shifted attention towards Belle Delphine’s antics. A few days ago, we saw Leafy post the following video chronicling everything that has brought criticism upon the internet personality.

Published 15 Aug 2020
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