Pokimane is taking a break from social media and streaming

Pokimane will be taking time off from social media (Image Credits: News Archyves UK)
Pokimane will be taking time off from social media (Image Credits: News Archyves UK)
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Imane 'Pokimane' Anys is one of the most successful streamers in the world. The popularity of her streams catapulted her to stardom as she climbed the social ladder to scale new heights with each passing year.

Recently, however, an untimely descent appears to have begun as things have started to go downhill for her. From being called out for past tweets to being labelled a hypocrite, her controversial fan base and her recent feuds with fellow YouTubers have invited a fair share of criticism.

Keeping in mind recent developments which seem to have taken a toll on her, she recently took to Twitter to post the following message:

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Pokimane's announcement and the possible reason behind it

Pokimane announced that quarantine has deprived her of the joy she used to gain from content creation. Moreover, having streamed continuosly for the last 6 years, a break, she felt, was long overdue.

As a result of this, she cited burnout and the need to preserve her mental health as a major reason for her sabbatical from social media.

Her final line of advice in the announcement?

Disconnect from social media, go outside, pick up a new hobby, and hang in there.

2020 has been especially harsh to Pokimane, who has recently been receiving a lot of flak online, the most recent of criticisms being rooted in claims that she has a boyfriend. This claim enraged a large section of her 'fans', who felt betrayed at the fact that Pokimane had kept it under wraps.

However, what people fail to grasp is that one is not entitled to share every aspect of their private life, and spewing venom for the same often comes across as illogical and immature.

Apart from these claims, Pokimane was recently also the subject of controversial YouTuber LeafyIsHere's 'Content Nuke' videos, where he criticised her personality and her entire fan base while also dropping the Pokimane boyfriend claim.

The combined effect of all this seems to have reached a tipping point, leading up to her recent announcement.

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Reactions Online

Pokimane's decision to take time off from active streaming and social media invited a lot of reactions from the online community. From fellow streamers to fans, her announcement led many to comment on her decision.

Even Keemstar, with whom she was involved in a feud recently, lashed out at the whimsical Pokimane tier 3 subscribers for their hypocrisy. He states how in the aftermath of his tweet, where he rated Pokimane a 2 out of 10, he received tons of hate from 'loyal' Pokimane fans.

Addressing the issue he says:

Now I see nobody defending her...I hate tier 3 subs, I hate simps, but you know what I hate even more is these f****** fake ass people out there , the fake friendships and those that say anything the public will agree with.

Elaborating further, he says:

If you were out there talking shit to me, when I rated Pokimane 2 out of 10, where are you now? Now that it's really uncool to support Pokimane, you're just gonna shut up and be like 'Oh, I'm not gonna say anything?

Check out his reaction video, titled 'Pokimane 10/10 Nerds' below:

Check out the other reactions from the rest of the online community below:

In a profession such as streaming, content creators often face enormous pressure to live up to their cultivated image and often have to face the wrath of a vengeful fanbase, once scorned.

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Some addressed this particular toxic trait which prevails in today's digital spectrum and criticised the prevalent hate culture:

Internet personalities are no stranger to such spite, which often takes an immense toll on their sense of well-being. Pokimane seems to be the latest to have fallen prey to the vicious side of the internet as she takes a much-needed break to recuperate.

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You can watch the video below, which speaks about Pokimane's recent announcement:


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