YouTuber LeafyIsHere drops a Content Nuke on Pokimane; roasts her in a 12-minute long video

LeafyIsHere dropped a 'Content Nuke on Pokimane
LeafyIsHere dropped a 'Content Nuke' on Pokimane
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

24-year-old Imane 'Pokimane' Anys has amassed an enormous fan base throughout her streaming career, and is also the most followed female streamer on Twitch. She is also one of the most popular streamers and is often trending on social media due to her collaborative videos and daily streams.

Her life as a social personality has seen constant scrutiny, and lately, she seems to be in the news for controversial reasons. The Fortnite star has invoked a section of the community's ire over the last few years with her alleged hypocritical views and comments.

And the fire she seems to have ignited refuses to die down, with YouTuber LeafyIsHere recently dropping a video titled Content Nuke, where he criticizes Pokimane for a plethora of reasons and is extremely vocal in his dislike for the internet darling and her army of fans, or simps, as they are referred to.

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LeafyIsHere's video: Lack of content to sponsor fiasco

Leafy begins his video with a direct disclaimer:

If you're a big fan of her, please come at me... come at me, seriously, dislike the video and leave a mean comment... it doesn't even do anything dude!

He goes on to criticize her for lack of personality, gameplay, and overall content. He states that half of her videos are just reactions, which add nothing to the content realm. Another reason why she gets trolled is her inability to take criticism, to the extent of asking her legal team on how to remove such videos.

The question that persists is the exact moment that led Pokimane to find herself entangled in a downward spiral? The answer lies in her problematic past tweets and beef with YouTuber ItsAGundam. The latter even saw her going to the extent of laying into his sponsors.

This seems to have been her undoing, as several people from the community took offense and called her out. Even though she apologized, the damage was already done.

ItsAGundam's crime? The channel posted a video which showed a homeless simp, or a fan of Pokimane:


Pokimane did not appreciate this as she reacted by going after the sponsors of ItsAGundam:


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Pokimane and her 'Loser' fanbase

Speaking about her streams, which lack insight and meaningful content, Leafy goes on to state:

I would rather donate 5,000 dollars to Alinity than 50 bucks to Pokimane. I'd watch Jake Paul vlogs before Pokimane... I think I'd watch anything on YouTube before Pokimane!

The rest of his video involves Leafy sharing his thoughts on how he believes that Pokimane is just not hot at all, and that she is obsessed with maintaining her image. He fails to understand the hype surrounding her and criticizes her army of fans for simping over her.

In reality, he says that there is a vast difference in her online persona, built on 'respect,' and real-life personality, which he is certainly not a fan of.

He also attacks her 'loser' fanbase one last time, and ends the video summing up his thoughts on Pokimane.

You can watch the entire Content Nuke video here:


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Reactions to LeafyIsHere's video

Reactions to Leafy's Content Nuke were of a nuclear proportion, as it broke the internet, with several responses coming it's way.

Another YouTuber, xQcOW, posted a reaction video to it, where he expressed his views on the entire matter:


Twitter also had a field day as numerous reactions began trending online. The one thing that people picked up from the video was the claim that Pokimane has a boyfriend. This made her army of fans, called simps, the subject of numerous trolls as #pokimaneboyfriend trended online.

Check out some of the responses related to the video below:

On the other hand, some did not take too lightly to Leafy's video:

With this latest video, Pokimane finds herself in the middle of another controversial storm, as the drama propagated by her feuds with fellow streamers rages on.

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