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Pokimane vs The Internet: Why the Twitch star is being dubbed the 'Karen' of online streaming

Pokimane is becoming notoriously known as the Karen of the internet (Image Credits: The Daily Dot)
Pokimane is becoming notoriously known as the Karen of the internet (Image Credits: The Daily Dot)
Modified 04 Aug 2020, 14:21 IST

Imane Pokimane Anys is an immensely-popular name in the streaming circuit, with tons of followers lapping up her streams and interactive videos.

Despite Pokimane's fame and reach, one of the top streamers today has been subject to her fair share of criticism, which appears to be nearing breaking point. Having been called out for her hypocritical comments and online personality numerous times, 2020 has proved to be the tipping point, as this year seems to have taken its toll on her online persona and image.

From her problematic simp fans to her feuds with fellow streamers, Pokimane has found herself caught up in one social media storm after the other, and this does not bode well for her popularity, which is staring at a steep decline. The animosity has reached such a level that she is now being titled the Karen of the internet.

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Pokimane, the new Karen?

Karen is often used as a pejorative term to denote an entitled, privileged female who justifies her demands at the expense of others. Often oblivious to her own faults, she tends to get triggered by any kind of criticism.

A part of the online community has ascribed this particular title upon Pokimane, who has riled them with her recent controversies and hypocritical comments.

Moreover, she has an army of fans that confesses its undying adoration for her, which has led people to labeling them simps — submissive sans the hope of even an iota of reciprocation.

Her simps constitute one of the most problematic factors, as many believe that Pokimane’s follower count relies solely on them, for her streams often lack wholesome content.


YouTuber Twoon recently posted a video, where he refers to Pokimane as the God of Karens:

He mentions the ItsAGundam controversy and explains, exasperatedly:

The video wasn't even about you... why is it so hard for you take any criticism whatsoever?

Elaborating further, he says:

She activated her Karen switch and went on a deleting video spree... if you don't want such stuff to show up, maybe don't do that stuff?

From ItsAGundam controversy to failure to take criticism, it's all crumbling

Pokimane's downfall seems to have originated from her infamous attempt to go after YouTuber ItsAGundam's sponsors, after he posted a video of a simp who went homeless for her.

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ItsAGundam highlighted how fans were donating exorbitant amounts of money to online personalities, particularly Pokimane. This did not go down well with her, and she reacted by threatening to go after the channel's sponsors:

I can't believe anyone would sponsor these shenanigans. Like what? And I will say, for this company to sponsor a video that's literally 20 minutes of talking sh*t about me… You will never see… if you ever reach out to me, if I ever see you in my inbox.

In the aftermath, the Moroccan-born star has received constant backlash from the online community as they refuse to let this incident tide over. This was complemented by the fact that Pokimane is unable to take any kind of criticism and often reacts in unsavoury ways.

Check out some of the reactions, post the ItsAGundam controversy:


The Decline of Pokimane?

Recently, Fortnite star's feuds with fellow streamer Keemstar and YouTuber LeafyIsHere — who dropped a Content Nuke on her — have seen Pokimane's subscribers decline. This has led to speculation that the the 24-year-old's massive growth curve is facing a steep decline.

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Dissent seems to be mounting against her with each passing day, as the online community seems to have joined forces in expressing major grievances against the Twitch star.

It remains to be seen what course this persistent drama will take, and whether Pokimane will emerge unscathed from this quagmire.

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You can watch the videos below, which refer to the problems with Pokimane ,and why she is labelled the Karen of the internet:

Published 04 Aug 2020, 14:21 IST
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