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The best moveset for Alakzam in Pokemon Red and Blue

Alakazam is quite the handy Pokemon (Image via Pokemon Wiki)
Alakazam is quite the handy Pokemon (Image via Pokemon Wiki)
Zach Spitzer
Modified 17 Feb 2021

One of the best Pokemon in Red and Blue is Alakazam.

Psychic Pokemon are extremely overpowered in the early Generations. Alakazam has an insane special stat, making it incredibly bulky in some matchups while dealing massive damage with Psychic to almost everything.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the opinion of the writer.

The best moveset for Alakzam in Pokemon Red and Blue

The moveset

  • Move 1 Psychic
  • Move 2 Recover
  • Move 3 Thunder Wave
  • Move 4 Seismic Toss

Psychic should be on every Alakazam at all times. It is by far its best STAB (Same Type Attack Boost) attack. Nothing is truly safe from this attack, as even Pokemon with high special stats take a lot of damage.

Psychic should be on every Alakazam a(Image via Pokemon Wiki)
Psychic should be on every Alakazam at all times (Image via Pokemon Wiki)

Recover is very typical for Alakazam users. Being able to take advantage of a switch turn with this is quite strong. Erasing all the effort the opponent has put forth during the battle is extremely good. Recover is annoying, but when it's not on the opposing side, it's pretty fun.


Thunder Wave is another staple to Alakazam. A fast Pokemon with this is incredibly scary. Either paralyzing the opposing lead, or hitting it with a Psychic, should prove incredibly useful to the player.

They need to be careful not to paralyze Chansey unless it's the only option, as, after that, it isn't easy to take it out due to its exceptional special bulk.

Seismic Toss can be especially useful for Chansey and Starmie. The former can be challenging to deal with since it has an extremely high special stat. Starmie also threatens Alakazam, but not as much.

Seismic Toss is the only move that can be changed. This move slot could also be used for Reflect to help with the Snorlax and Tauros matchups.

  • Some big counters in Red and Blue are physical attackers like Snorlax and Tauros. They can usually eat a Psychic and start swinging with big Double Edge's and take it out with a critical hit or two hits. Reflect can help these matchups, and so can Counter. Chansey is a difficult matchup as well since it lives for so long against Alakazam. Exeggutor can also live for a while against Alakazam, but paralyzing it works pretty well. Exeggutor threatens Alakazam with Sleep Powder, though.
Published 17 Feb 2021, 08:39 IST
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