The best moveset for Inteleon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Game Freak
Image via Game Freak
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Inteleon is the Secret Agent Pokemon and can be quite the battler in Sword and Shield.

Inteleon is the final evolution of Water-type starter Sobble. Compared to the other final evolutions of the Grass and Fire-type starters, Inteloen is the most fragile. It has extremely lackluster defensive and HP stats.


Where Inteloen shines, however, is in its Speed and Special Attack. It has an incredibly high base Speed stat of 120 and base Special Attack stat of 125. Those areas outshine the other starter Pokemon, although Cinderace is pretty quick too.

The best moveset for Inteleon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Focus Energy


This moveset will be built around Inteloen's incredible Speed and Special Attack. The ideal Inteleon build will have its Sniper Hidden Ability and Gigantamax form available. Sniper makes critical hits do more damage.

Focus Energy is a move that allows critical hits to land more easily after its use. With a Focus Sash, Inteleon can use this move, withstand a hit, and use its Speed to start fainting opposing Pokemon left and right.

Snipe Shot


This is Inteleon's signature STAB move. It deals great Special damage with a higher chance of landing a critical hit. It can also bypass moves such as Follow Me and Storm Drain, hitting the proper target each time.

This will also give Gigantamax Inteleon access to G-Max Hydrosnipe. The G-Max move ignores the target Pokemon's Abilities.

Ice Beam


Ice Beam will be a great coverage move to deal with Grass-type Pokemon that may give Inteleon and its Water-typing some trouble. It has a 10% change of freezing the target and it also does massive damage.

It also allows for the use of Max Hailstorm. Once used, a hailstorm that lasts five turns arrives, chipping away at the damage of every Pokemon that can be affected. That includes Inteleon, so use it wisely.

Dark Pulse


Dark Pulse is another powerful coverage attack. It can take out some sneaky Pokemon that may be known as an Electric-type move, such as Gengar. It gives a 20% chance of flinching the target, as well.

That can be invaluable, knowing that Inteleon will more than likely strike first. As a speedy Special Attacker, this moveset will give it plenty of attacks to dish out damage.

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