The best moveset for Togekiss in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via SQUAD
Image via SQUAD
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Modified 22 Mar 2021

Given its moves and abilities, Togekiss is a very remarkable Pokemon that can run fun sets.

Players can get Togekiss by giving Togetic a Shiny Stone. It’s important that they check the ability on Togetic, however, because Pokemon has two abilities: one that does it a lot of favors and one that does it no favors at all. The ability Hustle increases the power of physical attacks while lowering their accuracy. Togekiss, though, does not typically run physical sets. The best ability is Serene Grace, which raises the likelihood of a move having a secondary effect. With this moveset, Togekiss can take advantage of this ability and put any Pokemon trainer in favorable positions:

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The best moveset for Togekiss in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Image via Pokemon
Image via Pokemon

Two out of the four moves here take advantage of Serene Grace. Other than that, Togekiss has an impressive Special Attack stat (120). Togekiss has enough power to inflict heavy damage as well as the bulk to defend against threats.

  • Air Slash
  • Ancient Power
  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Wish

Air Slash is the first of two moves that utilize Serene Grace. Air Slash has a 30% chance to flinch, but with Serene Grace, it becomes a 60% chance. This means that Togekiss can spam Air Slashes while preventing the opposing Pokemon from retaliating. Togekiss also has a decent Speed (80), so it can outspeed many opponents and flinch them until they’re out of health.


Ancient Power is another move that is greatly buffed by Serene Grace. This move has a 10% chance of raising every stat by one stage. With Serene Grace, that becomes 20%. That still doesn’t amount to much, but imagine playing ten games and in two of them Togekiss wins by itself simply because of the stat boost. With only the raise in Speed, Togekiss is able to Air Slash flinch just about every Pokemon in the game. If Togekiss gets this set up, it just flat out wins.

Dazzling Gleam is Togekiss’ most powerful Fairy-type move since, sadly, it doesn’t get access to Moonblast. At 80 base power, though, it can put a dent in most opposing Pokemon. Fairy-type coverage is very important in Pokemon Sword and Shield, especially during the late game. Not only does the final Gym Leader, Raihan, specialize in Dragon-Type Pokemon, but Champion Leon also has Dragapult and Haxorus on his team. A strong Pokemon with a Fairy-type move is going to help a lot with these battles.

Wish is a decent healing move that can get Togekiss out of tough situations. Togekiss has a good amount of Special Defense (115). This means that, even if Togekiss can’t outspeed the opponent to flinch them, it can take a couple hits and slowly bring the opponent’s health down. It won’t survive forever, though. Wish will replenish Togekiss’ health to where it can continue to take damage and whittle down the enemy. Togekiss can also pass Wish to a teammate that has been weakened to revive their health as well.

Published 22 Mar 2021, 01:23 IST
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