The best secondary weapon in Black Ops Cold War

(Image via Treyarch)
(Image via Treyarch)

Black Ops Cold War has a few great options for secondary weapons, and the one that stands out as the best seems to be the Hauer 77 shotgun.

There are three secondary weapon categories in Black Ops Cold Wars. The obvious categories are the launchers and the pistols that are a staple in every Call of Duty game.

Another secondary category in Black Ops Cold War is shotguns, and there are two options: the Hauer 77 and the Gallo SA12. Both are weapons that are immediately recognizable to Call of Duty fans. But out of the two, the Hauer fills the spot of secondary in a better way.

Hauer 77 is the best secondary weapon in Black Ops Cold War

(Image via Treyarch)
(Image via Treyarch)

It can be hard to pin one secondary as the best, considering that the category is very broad. If a player's goal is to take down vehicles or cause plenty of explosions, then a launcher is obviously going to be the best secondary weapon option. But as a simple cover all, the Hauer 77 beats all in the slot it fills.

This isn't absolute, but most of the time, a secondary is reserved for situations where players run out of ammo. A player might run into a group of enemies, run out of ammo on their primary weapon, and may need to swap to a secondary. In that case, a shotgun is going to beat out a pistol or a launcher.

Shotguns don't have a lot of range, but in theory, that doesn't matter here. When a player runs out of ammo, they don't necessarily need to worry if they are at range. If there is a range between them and the enemy, sometimes a cover is all that is needed to reload a quick magazine and continue fighting. It's within close quarters that secondary swaps are integral.

The Hauer 77 is the hard-hitting of the shotguns in Black Ops Cold War and is great for clearing opponents at close range. When enemies are swarming, and a secondary is the only option, the Hauer 77 can wipe out players in one well-placed shot up close.

The weapon can also serve well as a close-quarters option for players using a sniper rifle or a tactical rifle. Of course, close-quarter fights are tough with those. Pistols aren't exactly the best for clearing a building or a corner up close. But a quick swap to the Hauer pump in Black Ops Cold War is dangerous.

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