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The Best Valorant players so far - Meet the mighty trio

Image Credits: Riot Games / Valorant
Image Credits: Riot Games / Valorant
Modified 08 May 2020

Valorant is a game that's still 'Fresh on the block'. 

Valorant has without a doubt, attracted professional players from a diverse range of FPS games including COD, CS:GO, and Rainbow Six. The competition to be on top during its eta stage makes us wonder how big the game can become in the future.

That brings us to our topic on hand.

Who are the best Valorant players so far?

It's still too early to make judgments about the best Valorant players around, given the game is still in Beta and most of their player base (including the professionals) are still trying to figure out the mechanics of the game. 

Based on a few parameters that include the player's past gameplay history, current Valorant rank, and competitive performance, we have curated a list of three best Valorant players in the current closed Beta scene.

#3. Brax


Brax is an American Professional e-sport celebrity who currently plays Valorant. Prior to this, he was involved in the CS:GO competitive scene, like the others that feature on this list.

Unfortunately, Brax was one of the seven individuals who were permanently banned from participating in tournaments organized by Valve due to a match-fixing scandal. 

He recently won one of the first and biggest Valorant tournaments organized by 100 Thieves and did so without even breaking a sweat. 

#2. s1mple

The game is in its early stages. However, that seems to be no reason for our former CS:GO professional to stop completely dominating his games. 

s1mple's gameplay might confuse you like it has many others. The pro has been called 'too good for any game' and with every game he plays, he proves it. 


He is still in the process of understanding the game and improvising accordingly, as his followers curiously wait to learn the same from his gameplays.

#1. C9 TenZ

As the saying goes "Let your results speak for themselves" - In case of Valorant, its the rank that speaks aloud for one of the best Valorant players in the world: TenZ.

C9 TenZ has recently been in the headlines for being one of the first Valorant players to reach the highest rank in the game called Valorant.

TenZ is a retired CS:GO professional and was recently signed in by Cloud9, which is an e-sport organization.

That concludes our list of the best Valorant players in the current closed beta scene. 

For more updates on everything Valorant, stay tuned to this page.

Published 06 May 2020, 21:40 IST
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