The Division 2 Season 9: Eight player co-op, new weapons & gears, release date, and more

A brand new season is coming soon (Image via Ubisoft)
A brand new season is coming soon (Image via Ubisoft)

The Division 2 is part of one of the largest franchises in the gaming world, with the game being the successor to hit the first game. Over the years, the second installment has been constantly supported with new content that helps keep matters engaging for the players.

With that in mind, Ubisoft has disclosed its plans for the upcoming new Season 9 and has several new pieces of content that will delight the players.

The Division 2 continues in the wake of the first game and takes players to a post-apocalyptic Washington. Since its release, the game has expanded with free and paid DLCs that have added new regions, enemies, and more.

Seasons in the game allow Ubisoft to incorporate new events and missions, allowing players to get new rewards. Once Season 9 of The Division 2 kicks off in May, there will be more of that.


Ubisoft brings tons of new things for The Division 2's Season 9

Titled Hidden Alliance, the biggest feature of the new season will certainly be the eight-player co-op mode which will truly ask players to test their collective strengths. The new season will continue on the narrative of the original one and will have a new enemy to a takedown in the form of Captain Lewis.

Getting to him won't be easy as there will be four mini-bosses that players will need to combat first. However, Season 9 is scheduled to run throughout the year, so players will have the chance to level themselves up and get the necessary firepower.


The eight-player co-op mode will ask players to stabilize a power plant within 15 minutes to prevent a lockdown. Players will be dispatched in two teams of four each and will have to complete different tasks to meet the objectives. They will meet familiar foes and new ones throughout their race against time.

Players won't have to wait as long as Season 9: Hidden Alliance launches on May 12 worldwide. Any player who owns The Division 2 Warlords of the New York version will automatically unlock all the content in their game.

The new content doesn't just stop at new enemies and game modes, as there will be plenty of new gears and weapons to unlock. This will include new exotics and the Heartbreaker set, among other things. New items will also be provided to players with the Season Pass.

Players will be able to tinker with their gear and improve their weapons in new ways with the brand new Expertise system. The new system will come to The Division 2 as part of the seasonal update, allowing players to change their loadouts to make them more efficient.

Last but not least, Ubisoft will also be running a Twitch campaign between May 12 and 31, as viewers will be able to get different rewards. All one will need to do is watch the streams of those streamers affiliated with the game, and they can gain valuable items from different caches.