The Internet wants Amouranth canceled, and here is why

Most of the community has called on Twitch to permanently ban Amouranth.
Most of the community has called on Twitch to permanently ban Amouranth.

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has come under severe scrutiny from the internet over her Twitch streams in recent weeks.

Amouranth has attracted a lot of controversy after initially posting a plethora of “hot-tub” streams on Twitch. The platform was expected to take action against “sexually-suggestive” hot-tub streams, but ended up introducing a new category called the “Pools, Hot Tub and Beaches."

However, as Natalia “Alinity’ Mogollon initially predicted, the “hot-tub” meta eventually lost steam and declined in popularity. As a result, streamers like Amouranth began posting sexually-suggestive ASMR streams.

Both Amouranth and Janelle “Indiefoxx” Dagres were banned on Twitch for a period of slightly over three days after posting some obviously “sexually-suggestive” ASMR streams. However, the internet appears to be in no mood to forgive Amouranth and has responded by criticizing the streamer and asking for her to be permanently suspended.


Twitter wants to see Amouranth permanently banned on Twitch

The majority of the internet community seem convinced that both Amouranth and Indieefoxx deserve far stricter action for their sexually suggestive streams. In the past, Twitch has meted out longer suspensions for similar infringements. For example, the Twitch streamer “alinaarose” was banned in February 2021 for “intimately licking a microphone.”

The streamer received what seems to be a permanent suspension and has been inactive on social media since her Twitch suspension. Similarly, Matt "Dellor" Vaughn was also suspended on the platform indefinitely for “raging and breaking a keyboard during a live stream.”

In such a scenario, Amouranth has been said to deserve far stricter action, especially considering that “alinaarose” was also suspended multiple times due to mistakenly streaming “suggestive content” in the past. The same is true for Amouranth, who has now been banned a total of four times. The infringements range from wardrobe malfunctions to broadcasting suggestive content, with two of the suspensions lasting for three days. For more information about Amouranth’s previous Twitch suspensions, this article can be read.

Regardless, as is evident from the tweets, most of the community believes that Amouranth should be permanently banned from the platform. The streamer has become infamous for her sexually suggestive content on the platform. A plethora of Twitch viewers have been encouraging the platform to take strict action against her.

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