Twitch streamer alinaarose banned after erotically licking an ASMR microphone on live stream

Twitch streamer alinaarose was banned from the platform again
Twitch streamer alinaarose was banned from the platform again

The popular ASMR Twitch streamer “alinaarose” recently found herself banned from the platform after a clip of her licking an ASMR microphone went viral on Twitter.

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, has become a huge trend on platforms such as YouTube. Twitch is infamous for its no-tolerance policy over all kinds of carnally graphic material, with quite a few ASMR streams falling into the category.

During the live stream, alinaarose was streaming alongside another female streamer, "actuallyangel."


Twitch streamer gets banned after lewdASMR clip goes viral on Twitter

During the live stream, alinaarose and actuallyangel were conversing with fans. Alinaarose decided to perform “ASMR” with a specially designed microphone.

Twitch doesn't tend to hand out individual reasons for such bans. Popular Twitch account StreamerBans reported the news around a day ago. This is the fourth time alinaarose has been banned from the platform.

Alinaarose was banned towards the end of last year and subsequently banned from Twitch towards the end of January. This is the third consecutive month that she has been banned from the platform.

Since the ban, alinaarose herself has posted a statement on Twitter. She stated that she doesn’t know how long she has been banned for. The ASMR streamer has around 222k followers on Twitch and plays games such as Among Us, Apex Legends. and Fortnite.

The Twitch streamer appeared quite relaxed about the situation on Twitter. She thanked her fans for supporting her through the fiasco.

Alinaarose has only been suspended temporarily, although the exact duration of the ban is unknown. Judging by the tweet, alinaarose is not too concerned with the ban and should be back streaming soon.

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