The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero gets an official English release this year for PC and console

The upcoming localization of the 2010 JRPG is the first official English release of the game (Images via NIS America)
The upcoming localization of the 2010 JRPG is the first official English release of the game (Images via NIS America)

The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero is finally getting an English localization, as announced by publisher NIS America. The game is set for a late Q3 release on September 27, 2022.

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The narrative follows Lloyd Bannings, one of the four playable characters. He is a rookie detective returning to the city-state of Crossbells to be a part of the Special Support Section.

Other members include Elie McDowell, Randy Orlando, and Tio Plato. Elie belongs to a wealthy and powerful family, while Randy is an ex-soldier who belonged to the Crossbell Guardian Force. Tio is a girl who is a technology expert at the Epstein Foundation.

The gang uncovers the shady ways of the criminal underworld of Crossbell but stumbles across a sinister plot far worse than any crime organization's dealings.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails From Zero is a trip back in time


The events of one of the most popular entries in the series, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, also unfold midway through Zero. The franchise is a traditional JRPG through and through, and Zero is no different.

It is a very narrative-driven game that features many characters with interesting backgrounds. In fact, there's a decent chunk of lengthy cutscenes throughout the experience, so gamers who aren't fond of that might be turned off.

The gameplay is driven by exploration, while combat is turn-based. During combat, players can use a variety of weapons and spells to aid them in overcoming the game's countless foes. All four heroes are controllable as well.

Q: What sort of detail work are you doing on Trails from Zero?A: "...we reverse-engineered/built a toolchain for editing the map geometry so we can now fix some geometry issues..."The AMA is still going on and there's some great questions 👀Hop in!(…)

Funnily enough, developer Nihon Falcom's upcoming JRPG is a re-release of a port of a remaster. The game was originally released for the PSP in 2010 and was later remastered for the Vita. In 2020, the Vita remaster was moved over to the PS4 and later to the Switch in 2021. The localization team at Geofront translated the game's PC version to English in 2020. Now, NIS America will be working with the fan translation from Geofront and use it as a base for their official release.

The Legend Of Heroes: Trails From Zero is set to be released on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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