The origin of Bingus: Corpse Husband's favorite internet cat

Bingus, the famous internet cat (Image via Knowyourmeme)
Bingus, the famous internet cat (Image via Knowyourmeme)
Samyarup Chowdhury

Many people who follow Corpse Husband on Twitter know of the existence of the famous internet cat called Bingus. The faceless internet personality has had a particular affinity for this Sphynx cat, and has shared countless memes about this little fellow.

Corpse Husband's love for this particularly cute feline has even crossed the boundaries of Twitter and into his gameplay. Apparently, 'Bingus' is now Corpse Husband's code word, or rather 'Activation Word' (like with the Winter Soldier in Captain America: Civil War). Here is how it works:

Basically, if Corpse Husband gets chosen as the impostor, and someone yells 'Bingus' in the game, he will go and kill the player next to the person who uttered the activation word. It is quite similar to Valkyrae's code word: Babushka.

This has become a major inside joke for Corpse Husband and the 'Amigops' group as well as among fans. Many of Corpse's fans have been known to recreate the Bingus situation in Among Us and spread the joke further.

But who exactly is Bingus?

Before there was Floppa, there was Bingus - the adorable Sphynx cat

Bingus first surfaced on the internet last year around March and instantly became a phenomenon. The cat's real name is not named Bingus. That was the name the community gladly gave it.

Bingus was first seen in a video posted on Instagram by one ‘Subaru Rocks’.

Seeing how adorable the cat is, the internet instantly made it go viral and Bingus became one of the most popular memes of 2020. The video soon made its way into Reddit at the hands of u/haydongers. The post received over 3,700 upvotes, apart from multiple Reddit post of the month awards.

The cat became so popular on Reddit that the forum created a separate tag for posts related to Bingus.

Bingus memes became all the rage last year and eventually became one of Corpse Husband's favorite internet cats. He has tweeted about the bald cat numerous times on his main Twitter account Corpse_Husband as well as his alternative account CORPSE_alt.

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