The Outer Worlds: 8 brand new details revealed about the game at PAX East 2019

The Outer Worlds
The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds - an upcoming action RPG is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of this year and Obsidian Entertainment is not missing any opportunity to flaunt more of their upcoming old school classic.

At PAX East 2019 the devs took the stage to show off some brand new 20 minutes footage of the game and it looks incredible. The area of the game which they showed takes someplace midway through the game so if you're looking to get into the game blindly without any spoilers then watching the below-given video is not recommended.


If you don't have the time to watch this 22 minutes long video then don't worry. I have listed off all the new juicy details that have been revealed. So keep reading and enjoy.

#1 New companion called Nyoko

Companions are an integral part of The Outer Worlds and at PAX East 2019 the devs showed off a brand new character Nyoko. Nyoko carries a minigun around and is apparently from a different planet than the player character. This will eventually lead to some interesting conversations with her as she explores this new foreign land.

#2 First look at a city called Byzantium

The new Outer Worlds gameplay video features a completely new city called Byzantium. The player character will venture into this area midway through the game. This is actually the city of high-class people so expect a lot of rude and grumpy looking quest givers.

#3 New hilarious quest

Talking about the quest, the one showed in this 20 minutes footage also makes the player audition for a role in a movie. Seeing Obsidian's track record with dark humor, its no surprise that the game rewards you for taking sick choices such as- killing off every NPC involved in that particular scene, only to be praised by the director that the player went so deep into portraying their character. Now ain't that hilarious. I mean who cares if you killed 10 people in real for the sake of acting right?

#4.First look at the game's inventory.

The inventory in The Outer Worlds looks pretty neat, at least the one they showed in the PAX East gameplay. Some of the attributes they showed are however work in progress but it gives a pretty solid idea of how Obsidian is handling things with this game. One important aspect to note here that is that you can actually see your character at the rightmost side of the screen. This is pretty sweet since The Outer Worlds is a first-person RPG and spending hours creating and customizing characters is a pretty waste of time if you can't see them right? Well, at least you can see them in the inventory menu which is satisfactory, to say the least.

#5.More info on Tactical Time Dilation(TTD) revealed.

TTD which is actually the rip off of Fallout's VATS system has more going on then you might initially think. Rather than just slowing down time to help people in combat who are not used to shooting, it actually offers different status effects to players for targeting different limbs or body parts. For example- targeting an enemy's head might lead to staggering effect. It is a cool addition and adds a certain depth to the game's combat.

#6.Character Attributes.

Obsidian finally gives us an insight into the different stats that a player can customise of their character. They are classified under 3 categories which are-

Body, Mind and Personality.

Under Body, we have Strength and Dexterity, with Mind we got Intelligence and perception and with Personality we got stats like Charm and Temperament.

#7. A new flaw called Cynophobia revealed.

At the end of this gameplay demo, a new flaw called Cynophobia was revealed. Now flaws are an integral part of the game mechanics in The Outer Worlds. What they do is that when you start to encounter a similar type of enemies in the game then it gives you an option to chose a flaw against them and offer you a free perk point in exchange for that. Having that flaw will make you weak towards that particular enemy and the damage you do to them will be less.

This is the information we got about Cynophobia-

"Mauled too many times by canids, you get the jitters every time one's attacking."

#8. Reputation System.

A reputation system is quite common in open world adventures these days. Fallout New Vegas had the same system as well as the Red Dead Redemption 2 where killing innocent people made you lose your honour and ultimately affecting the game's ending.

Such a system is also present in The Outer Worlds and honestly, it would have been shocking if it wasn't.

The Outer Worlds will release sometime in 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Are you looking forward to Obsidian's latest adventure? Tell us in the comments down below.