The PC release of Ninja Gaiden Master Collection will not have settings for resolution in-game

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection (Image via
Ninja Gaiden Master Collection (Image via
Manodeep Mukherjee

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection is set for its PC release on 10th June 2021. However, a part in the game’s Steam store page might indicate a rocky PC port from Koei Tecmo Games.

As spotted under the description section on the Steam store page of Ninja Gaiden Master Collection, the game will not have a standard video options menu in it. Based on the description, players will have to change their game resolution from the Steam "launch options."

Moreover, the switch between fullscreen and windowed mode also seems to be a band-aid solution, to put it lightly. The game will launch natively in windowed mode. To switch to fullscreen, players will have to click the maximize icon in the upper-right corner of the title bar. To switch back to windowed mode, players will have to use the Esc key.

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection’s PC port is shaping up to be a shoddy one

Koei Tecmo Games is no stranger to PC releases. Their other franchises like Nioh, Atelier Ryza, Dead or Alive, and Dynasty Warriors have enjoyed decent success. But with the way the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection’s PC port is shaping up, this can put a dent in their reputation as a publisher among their target audience.

Almost all PC games come with resolution and other graphics options changeable through the in-game menu. This is standard practice, as it helps players tweak the game according to the strength of their respective PCs, since PCs differ widely in terms of hardware combinations, and hence, graphical capabilities.

While there is a chance that Koei Tecmo will come and fix Ninja Gaiden Master Collection’s PC version at a later date and add the missing functionalities, undeniably, the game should ship better with the options available from the get-go.

It remains to be seen whether Koei Tecmo will take the community feedback into account and do something about this as soon as possible.

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