Alleged false allegations on Vinny Vinesauce: The entire controversy explained

Image via Vinesauce
Image via Vinesauce
Modified 07 Apr 2021

Popular Twitch streamer Vinny Vinesauce recently found himself on the Twitter trending page for all the wrong reasons. Numerous screenshots of inappropriate emails allegedly sent by him started doing the rounds online.

The allegations leveled against the 35-year-old gaming personality stemmed from a recent tweet that went viral online.

In the tweet that was posted from an account called "VS_Experiences," the user not only accused Vinny Vinesauce of allegedly having sexual relations with his fans but also of silencing them to protect his reputation.

Attached to the tweet was a lengthy Google Doc where the statements of four victims were provided. Along with the statements were multiple screenshots of DMs and emails that were allegedly sent by Vinny Vinesauce.

One of Vinny Vinesauce's mods, a Twitter user by the name of Charon, also proceeded to share his side of the story and labeled Vinny's actions as "scummy as hell."

Despite these claims, most of the online community remained skeptical about the credibility of these allegations.

This was due to the questionable nature of the messages, which many accused of being doctored/ photoshopped to portray Vinny Vinesauce in an incriminating light.

Another Twitter user highlighted how Vinny Vinesauce has never had any other profile picture apart from that of a Vinesauce shroom.

Soon after these dodgy screenshots surfaced online, Twitter was abuzz with a slew of reactions.

Twitter labels screenshots as "fake," as Vinny Vinesauce receives support amid controversy

Vinny Vinesauce is popularly known as the founder of Twitch gaming group "Vinesauce," which was created back in 2010.

After starting out with small gameplay recordings and amateur-style videos, Vinny Vinesauce soon moved towards live streaming on Twitch. He is often regarded as one of the "OG streamers."

The Vinesauce channel has become immensely popular, raking in more than 500,000 followers on Twitch, in addition to another 467,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Keeping in mind his online popularity, several of his fans were left distraught and frustrated upon seeing the various allegations leveled against him recently.

The recent Vinny Vinesauce controversy has triggered a whole new debate online.

From pointing out several flaws in the screenshots to expressing concern over the credibility of actual victims in the future, here are some reactions on Twitter:

Another user also shared screenshots of the messages and claimed that the recent allegations against Vinny Vinesauce seem to be the result of a pre-planned and orchestrated attack.

With a lot of gray area persisting around these set of allegations against Vinny Vinesauce, he'll certainly be encouraged to learn that he has the internet's backing for now.

Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the situation, a Twitter user also made a point worth pondering over. He stated that fans need to caution themselves when it comes to idolizing YouTubers and content creators as role models.

He has since responded to these allegations by posting an image on Twitter and asked his followers to go to the extra sauce channel for more information.

Here's the tweet:

Vinny Vinesauce's response to the allegations

Vinny Vinesauce officially addressed the series of allegations against him during a livestream.

Revealing that he would be seeking legal advice, he proceeded to throw light on the situation:

"I’m not sure why they would post this other than to hurt me or damage my career. I have spoken to a lawyer and I am going to continue having contact with the lawyer in figuring out any particular legal action.”

He also urged his fans not to attack anyone who had made such accusations against him.

He revealed that he will be taking time off from streaming until the situation at hand is resolved.

Published 03 Apr 2021
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