"This boomer dude!": xQc impersonates Dr Disrespect in funny trolling exchange

Image via xQc/ Twitch
Image via xQc/ Twitch
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Two of the most entertaining streamers in today's digital age, Felix "xQc" Lengyel and Herschel Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV, are at it again!

The duo recently shared a hilarious exchange online after the Doc mocked the former's content. In a recent tweet, Dr Disrespect hilariously trolls xQc after noticing that his stream of BTD6 was drawing 60,000 live viewers:

In the clip above, Dr Disrespect pokes fun at xQc:

"xQc, you got 60,000 people watching you play Blooms Tenacious Destruction 6. Whatever the f**k it's called, are you f*****g kidding me?"

Soon after The Doc's unexpected jibe went viral, xQc came up with a hilarious response. He decided to mock the unique style of Dr Disrespect by impersonating his dance moves on stream!

Twitter reacts as xQc takes on Dr Disrespect

On seeing Dr Disrespect's tweet, xQc came up with an unexpected and funny response, much to the delight of his Twitch chat:

"Okay dude... guys, this boomer dude needs a reconsideration of entertainment motherf****r! Dude, dude, this is Doc's old entertainment standards...."

He went on to bust out a few dance moves in true Dr Disrespect fashion, indeed leaving viewers in splits:

"This is my arena...look, now I'm going to do the Doc dance, guys..."

The rest of his impersonation was replete with iconic Dr Disrespect moves and sounds, causing his Twitch chat to go into an absolute frenzy.

Soon after their exchange went viral, Twitter had a field day reacting to this unexpected yet highly entertaining exchange between Dr Disrespect and xQc:

As reactions continue to come in thick and fast, fans will eagerly be looking forward to a rebuttal of sorts from The Doc in light of xQc's hilarious impersonation.

The two are some of the most entertaining streamers today, who continue to dominate Twitch and YouTube, respectively, courtesy of their energized, wholesome streams.

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