"This game is gonna look amazing": Starfield fans react to leaked images from 2018

Starfield fans are happy with the leaked images dating back to 2018 (Image via Bethesda)
Starfield fans are happy with the leaked images dating back to 2018 (Image via Bethesda)

It wouldn't be wrong to say that Starfield is one of the most anticipated releases set for the latter part of 2022. Ever since Bethesda dropped the trailer, fans have been keenly expecting the space-themed game. Unfortunately, there hasn't been too much information in between, with developer quotes being the primary source of information.

While fans wait for additional information, there has been a leak of five images. All five of them are reportedly leaked from a 2018 build of the game.

Dubbed "Skyrim in space," Starfield is one of Bethesda's newest IPs. The game was first confirmed in 2018, and the images are possibly from the very early stages of development. While much has possibly changed over the last four years, it has once again excited fans. There has been speculation about what could come in the next few months.

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Images from Starfield's 2018 build got leaked on social media

The images are reportedly from the 2018 build, so it's pretty rough on the edges. It seems very likely that the images are of a game build and not actual in-game footage. One user was left stunned by one of the images as they couldn't believe the quality. For them, the image looked like a photograph.

There were admirers among the community, with one person stating that the visuals looked crisp.

One member was more careful as they responded with the fact that these images may be from 2018. There could be massive changes that may have been made by now, and some of them could be negative.

Despite the build being made in 2018, some viewers have already been impressed. One fan commented that it's better than anything related to a video game that they had ever seen.

Another member responded that fans should be cautious. It's a common occurrence that the average graphical quality should be reduced when more content is added. It was stated that the actual game could look better than the images, but it could also look worse.

Some fans are hoping that they could get some glimpses of Starfield in the summer. While E3 has been canceled, Summer Games Fest is still alive and kicking. Additionally, Xbox and Bethesda might do their own showcase event.

It was a common query from many related to the stage from where these images were rendered. The post owner, who broke the leak, responded by stating that these images are most likely from the pre-alpha stage.

Some fans are already sold about the game, and they like what's being shown to them. A fan responded positively about the esthetic of all the content that has been revealed both officially and unofficially.

Bethesda has faced flak in the past over the execution of games like Fallout 76. However, one fan believes that the studio has learned its lessons and is taking more care with Starfield.

It seems that while fans are waiting for the release of Starfield, The Elder Scrolls VI is also on everyone's mind. One user hopes that Bethesda will be successful with their space exploration game so more resources can be dedicated to TES6.

While some games can deliver on esthetic points, gameplay can often fall short. This is something that fans hope won't happen with Bethesda's upcoming game.

Not everyone was impressed, as some were vexed about the lack of details in the images.

One fan is hyped over the fact that the leaked images are from 2018. In all likelihood, they would look even better in 2022.

Starfield has been a long time in the making, and it's expected that there will be a showcase in the summer. It will be interesting to see how things have changed in the game from these leaked images of 2018.

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