Top 10 best Free Fire character abilities after OB27 update

Free Fire characters possess active and passive skills
Free Fire characters possess active and passive skills
Modified 16 Apr 2021
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Characters are an integral part of Free Fire, and they play a major role in the mechanics of Free Fire's gameplay. There are a total of 39 characters in Free Fire right now, as the game just received its OB27 update.

The new characters that were introduced in the game are known as Xayne and Maro. While Xayne is accessible to players, Maro is yet to be released.

Amidst the huge assortment of characters, players often get puzzled about choosing the right characters.

This article lists some of the most potent abilities of Free Fire characters after the OB27 update.

Note: This list is not in any particular order or ranking. It reflects the personal opinion of the writer.

Most useful character abilities in Free Fire after OB27 update

#1 - Drop the Beat

DJ Alok in Free Fire
DJ Alok in Free Fire

Drop the Beat is an active ability possessed by DJ Alok. This is a beneficial ability for almost all the game modes in Free Fire. It provides players with consistent HP and increased movement speed.

#2 - Riptide Rhythm

Riptide Rhythm is Skyler's active ability. It allows players to destroy gloo walls within a certain radius and gain HP when they deploy gloo walls.

#3 - Time Turner

Time Turner is an active ability possessed by the character Chrono. The character offers a force field that defends players and helps them increase movement speed while within that force field.

#4 - Xtreme Encounter

Xayne in Free Fire
Xayne in Free Fire

Xtreme Encounter is the ability of the new character Xayne. It offers the players an instant 80 HPs for a temporary period. It also offers great damage to the gloo walls and shields of opponents.

#5 - Master of All

K in Free Fire
K in Free Fire

Master of All is an active ability possessed by K. His ability allows players to recover EPs automatically and increases the EP conversion rate of the allies.

#6 - Sustained Raids

Jota owns sustained Raids. It is a passive ability that helps players recover their HPs when they kill with a Shotgun or SMG. This character is extensively used in Clash Squad mode.

#7 - Painted Refuge

Steffie in Free Fire
Steffie in Free Fire

Painted Refuge is a passive skill owned by Steffie. This ability helps players reduce bullet damage and explosive damage up to a significant level. Steffie is a great character for passive as well as aggressive characters.

#8 - Thrill of Battle

A124 in Free Fire
A124 in Free Fire

A124 owns this ability. It is an active ability that allows players to convert a certain amount of EPs into HPs directly. This ability is handy during ranked matches.

#9 - Bushido

Hayato in Free Fire
Hayato in Free Fire

Bushido is the skill of Hayato. It allows players to increase the armor penetration damage of the enemies when the player takes damage. Hayato is an instrumental character in Clash Squad mode.

#10 - Damage Delivered

Damage Delivered is the ability of Shirou, who has dual skillsets. It allows players to tag enemies who hit them and increases the enemy's damage while they are tagged.

Published 16 Apr 2021
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