Top 10 Tier-3 neutral items in Dota 2

The Outlanders update introduced neutral items to Dota 2
The Outlanders update introduced neutral items to Dota 2
Agnibesh Bandyopadhyay

The Outlanders update added neutral items to Dota 2 in November of 2019. Since then, they have been one of the hottest topics of debate in the Dota 2 community.

Neutral items have a chance of randomly dropping when a neutral creep dies near a hero. There are 5 tiers of neutral items that drop depending on when the creeps die in-game.

  • Tier-1 items drop after 7 minutes.
  • Tier-2 items drop after 17 minutes.
  • Tier-3 items drop after 27 minutes.
  • Tier-4 items drop after 37 minutes.
  • Tier-5 items drop after 60 minutes.

Top 10 Tier-1 items: Top 10 Tier-1 neutral items in Dota 2.

Top 10 Tier-2 items: Top 10 Tier-2 neutral items in Dota 2.

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The Tier-3 neutral items of Dota 2

A total of four tier-3 neutral items randomly drop from 27 minutes onwards. Tier-3 items are the first game-changing items to drop from neutrals. Most of these items can be carried into the late-game and remain useful for the entire game.

Their importance is measured by how good they are as late-game items. Supporting heroes usually have to hold tier-3 items to the late game as all Tier-4 items are taken by the cores.

The Tier-3 neutral items of Dota 2
The Tier-3 neutral items of Dota 2

There are 11 tier-3 neutral items in Dota 2. The only one that doesn't make the top 10 is Mind Breaker. Mind Breaker gives +25 attack speed and +25 bonus magical attack damage and silences an enemy for 1.75 seconds on the attack.

The item is good against heroes like Puck or Storm Spirit but given the very situational viability of it, it misses out on the top 10. It simply cannot be compared to the other tier-3 items which are much better.

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10. Enchanted Quiver

Enchanted Quiver empowers the holder's next attack with true strike and 300 bonus magical damage. Ranged holders gain 400 attack range for that attack.

This spot was a toss-up between Enchanted Quiver and Mind Breaker. While most tier-3 items are useful throughout the late-game, these two items are not. Enchanted Quiver is rarely used by heroes and some even prefer tier-2 items over it. However, the bonus damage can be useful while farming creeps.

9. Psychic Headband

Psychic Headband gives +16% Intelligence, +100 cast range, and pushes an enemy 400 units away from the holder on cast.

This item was added to Dota 2 in the 7.28 patch. The items added in 7.28 are mostly good, but this one feels underwhelming. Intelligence bonuses are useful for Intelligence right-click heroes, which is a huge rarity. The cast range is good but the active ability is not.

The push-back of 400 units is too little. If the holder is running away from the enemy, the time it will take to turn around and cast this item will be enough for the enemy hero to recover half of the push-back distance.


8. Ceremonial Robe

Ceremonial Robe gives an aura effect that reduces enemy magic resistance and status resistance by 10%.

In 7.28, several status resistance items were removed from Dota 2 and this item was added. So it seemed like a good item on paper, but it is not as good as the items further up this list. The aura range is too low for spell-casters, as they like to keep their distance, and they are the only ones who benefit from this item.

7. Quickening Charm

Quickening Charm gives +9 health regeneration and 12% cooldown reduction.

From here on, all the items on the list are good. None of them are objectively bad and can be very useful throughout the game.

Quickening Charm reduces the cooldown of all spells and items by 12%. It's great to have on heroes like Enigma, Tidehunter, and Magnus who have very high cooldowns on their ultimate. The few seconds of a difference this item makes can turn the tide of any game.


6. Orb of Destruction

Orb of Destruction is an attack modifier that reduces armor by 4 and slows enemies by 25% if the holder is melee or 15% if they are ranged.

This item is like a nerfed and combined version of two other items in Dota 2, Desolator and Eye of Skadi, which have a combined cost of 8800 gold. Right-click heroes greatly benefit from holding this item. Armor reduction and movement slows are both beneficial for most core heroes in the game.

5. Elven Tunic

Elven Tunic gives +7% movement speed, +16% evasion and +26 attack speed.

This item was added to Dota 2 in the 7.28 update. It is an agility core's dream item. The evasion stacks diminishingly with other sources of evasion forcing enemies to modify their item builds. Movement speed bonuses are always good and the attack speed helps cores be more efficient in both farming and fighting.

4. Paladin Sword

Paladin Sword gives +20 attack damage, +16% lifesteal, +8% spell lifesteal (1.6% for creeps), +14% health regeneration amplification, +14% lifesteal amplification and +14% spell lifesteal amplification.

This is an actual game-changing item in Dota 2. Getting this neutral item on a core hero means saving the gold for one whole other item. Lifesteal is a necessity for most core heroes and the stats provided by this item are so good that heroes don't need to buy another item to get lifesteal.

Unless the heroes buy another expensive source of lifesteal before this item even drops, they will always prefer to use this over spending gold on something else.


3. Cloak of Flames

Cloak of Flames gives +4 armor, +10% magic resistance, and deals 45 damage per second in a radius of 375 around the holder.

Added to Dota 2 in 7.28, Cloak of Flames works as a small Radiance, an item worth 5150 gold. The magic resistance and armor provide durability to the holder while damage per second increases damage output and efficiency while farming. This item is great for front-lining heroes who like to jump in first during a fight.

2. Titan Sliver

Titan Sliver gives +16% magic resistance, +12% status resistance and +20% base attack damage.

In 7.28, status resistance was severely nerfed in Dota 2. Very few items remain that can give status resistance to a hero. This turned Titan Sliver from a good item to one of the best items in the game.

More often than not, heroes will carry this till the end of the game just for the status resistance. Bonus damage and magic resistance are great, increasing damage output and durability of heroes respectively. This makes Titan Sliver one of the best neutral items in Dota 2.


1. Spider Legs

Spider Legs gives +65 movement speed, +50% turn rate, and can be activated to give 22% bonus movement speed and free pathing for 3 seconds.

In Dota 2, boots are an extremely important item. Every hero must buy a boot to be efficient and mobile. Most heroes are very slow on their own and need the bonus movement speed from boots. But sometimes, in late-game situations, core heroes don't have inventory slots remaining for boots.

This item is godsent during those situations. The movement speed bonus is huge. Spider legs have one of the highest movement speed bonuses in all of Dota 2. They can also give free pathing for 3 seconds, which means a hero can go over cliffs and through trees. Turn rate improvement also makes the hero more agile.

It is easily the best Tier-3 item and might just be the best neutral item in Dota 2.

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