Top 3 Fortnite Pros who might have quit the game forever

(Image Credit: Dot Esports)
(Image Credit: Dot Esports)
Modified 23 Sep 2020

Professional Fortnite players, whether they were competitive focused or streamer focused, have all begun to gradually abandon the game in 2020. There was plenty of fatigue expressed about the game itself. All of that eventually exploded, and the shockwaves were felt through the entire Fortnite community.

A mass exodus of pro players occurred in March 2020, and since then, more and more players have come and gone from the scene. Although there were a large number of well known and talented pros that left the game behind, there were a few unquantifiably big players, whose absence is felt in the community to this day.

Top 3 Fortnite Pros who might have quit the game forever

#3 - Myth

Back in March, around the same time that the other streamers and pros left Fortnite, Myth expressed his own opinions about the game. Myth has never explicitly said that he is quitting Fortnite, and has stated that he would switch back over if things got interesting.

However, Myth ends up on this list because he has effectively quit Fortnite, at least at a professional level. Even if Myth does play Fortnite on stream sometimes, they are very few and far between now. It had been a long time since he played the game, until he did a return stream for Fortnite with Pokimane a couple of days ago.

I'm sure Myth will go back and forth with Fortnite, but it appears it is no longer his main game, at least for a long time, if ever. Myth going back to being a pro player of the game is looking highly unlikely as well.

#2 - Nickmercs

(Image Credit: Essentially Sports)
(Image Credit: Essentially Sports)

Nickmercs had a massive amount of influence in the Fortnite community. He was known as the controller pro player that held his own, and even succeeded, in a professional setting. His stream became one of the biggest in the world, and he went on to take part in plenty of professional tournaments as well.

In March 2020 though, the same time as the mass exodus of various pro Fortnite players, Nickmercs released a video with an explanation of sorts, as to why he might quit Fortnite. What took Nickmercs away from Fortnite was Warzone, and the amount of fun he had playing the new battle royale game. Anything is possible of course, but as things stand, Nickmercs has left Fortnite behind for good.

#1 - Tfue

(Image Credit: The Loadout)
(Image Credit: The Loadout)

Perhaps he most influential professional player in Fortnite, Tfue leaving the community was a massive hit. Not only did he have a huge following on Twitch, but he was also one of the best pro players in the competitive Fortnite scene. His stream eventually became the go-to one for Fortnite, and he was the source of a lot of the hype surrounding the game as well.

In 2020, it was already clear that Tfue would be retiring from professional Fortnite, and probably never going back. The idea of him playing on stream was still up in the air, but an article from Game Rant, has since, cleared that up. According to the article, and what Tfue said on stream back in August, he can't spend more than 2-3 years on one game. He's been streaming a ton of Warzone recently, and it does seem like the most popular Fortnite pro might be gone for good.

Published 23 Sep 2020
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