Top 5 Accidental donations Twitch streamers received from viewers

Twitch donations gone wrong (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch donations gone wrong (Image via Sportskeeda)

Fans love to support their favorite Twitch streamers by subscribing to them or even sending in donations. They want the streamer to read their messages out loud and notice their support.

Unfortunately, in many instances, this doesn't go as planned. Most of these fans are either minors using their parent's cards or someone who's so excited that they leave an extra or two zeroes in the Twitch donation amount.

Thankfully, Twitch allows for donation refunds, and many fans have had this life-saving feature protect their hard-earned money and savings. However, these moments still make for funny and entertaining clips, especially when they involve popular streamers like Ninja, Summit1g, and Myth.


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Accidental donations Twitch streamers received from viewers

1) Ninja

During one of his Fortnite streams, popular Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins received a $500 donation talking about Dragon Ball. The streamer was awestruck and found himself at a loss for words.

Unfortunately, the donor had to inform Ninja that he wanted to give a $5 donation instead and the Twitch streamer readily agreed to refund the money after an awkward pause.

2) Sodapoppin

Sodapoppin had a really awkward Twitch moment after a fan asked him for a refund. The streamer got a $1,100 donation that said, "Don't be afraid, I have your back @@@@@@@@@..."

Surprised at seeing such a massive amount, the Twitch streamer double/triple checked to confirm if the donation was real. He pulled up his Twitch alerts as well as his Paypal, and upon confirmation, he was even ready to "roll on the floor fake crying."

Sadly, his excitement came to an end when the donor admitted he only wanted to send $11 and apologized for the same.

3) Myth

An accidental donation caused Myth a Fortnite game as someone donated a massive amount using their mom's credit card and then asked for a refund.

Myth reacts to an accidental Twitch Donation (Image via Fortnite Records)
Myth reacts to an accidental Twitch Donation (Image via Fortnite Records)

Myth had already started a game but he had to switch over to process a refund and hence could not pay attention to his game. The Twitch streamer seemed visibly frustrated by the incident.

4) Ludwig

Ludwig wasn't at the receiving end of an accidental mishap. Instead, he was the one who accidentally spent way more money than he planned to and sadly couldn't even get it back.

The popular Twitch streamer planned to gift 100 subs to Minecraft streamer GeaorgeNotFound. However, instead of tier 1 subs, that costed $4.99 a gift, he gifted 100 tier 2 subs at $9.99 a gift.

Ludwig freaked out after he realized he had spent $500 more than he planned to simply because he couldn't figure out Twitch UI. While George offered to make him even, Ludwig politely declined.

5) Summit1g

Summit1g received a $1,337 donation during a CS:GO game and he absolutely lost his mind. He even jokingly offered to make the donor an editor of the channel until he realized his fun was only momentary.

His chat informed him that the donor had accidentally given that high amount. The Twitch streamer assured him that he would process a refund after his game ended.

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