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Top 5 E-Sport games that you should play

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 21:37 IST

OverWatch - Dota2 - League of Legends - CS: Go.
OverWatch - Dota2 - League of Legends - CS: Go.

E-sport is the professional scene of Video Gaming. Just like any other sports Electronic-Sports is now a real thing. Multiplayer games are being played like any other sports where players sign teams and play for them. E-sports is not anymore just a small part of the Gaming Industry, it is now a part of the Sports industry as well. E-sports players are now being spotted in the TV commercials. This is 2019, E-Sports at its best and if you have not tried any E-sports games here is your chance.

E-Sports games are the games that offer a player not only a chance to play the game but to get better at the game earn by playing it professionally. You need to be really really good at the game to play the game and get paid for it but being an E-athlete is now a legitimate career option.

A lot of people over the world are playing these games. Some of them are playing for fun while some of them are the best in the world. I will list top 5 E-sport games for you, the games are selected based on popularity, prize pool and other criteria such as how big the Professional Scene of the game is.

#5 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is an online multiplayer first-person-shooting game. The game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal Studio. Master the art of destruction and gadgetry in this game to become invincible.

The game is packed with intense close quarter combat, highly explosive gadgets, and tactical decision making. 2 teams fight against each other to complete their objective. The game is heavily dependant on team play but individual skills are as important. The atmosphere is destructible so careful before you behind a wall, it might blow away.

The game has its own stable player base and a competitive scene. Play ranked matches to test your skill and see where you end up. If you put enough time and effort anything is possible.

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Published 18 Feb 2019, 20:41 IST
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