Top 5 Fighting Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Image via Tom Salazar (YouTube)
Image via Tom Salazar (YouTube)
Zach Spitzer
Modified 21 Jan 2021
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Fighting Pokemon are typically designed to be hard-hitting Physical Pokemon.

With the addition of two DLC's, the Pokedex in Pokemon Sword and Shield is quite expansive. There is a plethora of great Fighting Pokemon in Sword and Shield, so without further ado, here are the best ones.

5 best Fighting Pokemon in Sword and Shield

#5 - Blaziken

Image via Pokemonfanon
Image via Pokemonfanon

The beloved starter Blaziken was finally added into the game in the DLC, Crown Tundra. Stacked with impressive stats and an amazing hidden ability, this Punching Chicken truly is a strong Pokemon. Blaziken is a monster in Singles format competitive, as well as story mode.

#4 - Conkeldurr

Image via Pokemon Wiki
Image via Pokemon Wiki

Conkeldurr made waves during the beginning formats of VGC in Sword and Shield, taking many tournaments and even regionals.

Conkeldurr has great stats across the board and is equipped with an array of powerful abilities. Whether you're taking this guy to the competitive scene or just running through the campaign, this Pokemon is more than capable.

#3 - Terrakion

Image via Pokemon Wiki
Image via Pokemon Wiki

This quadrupedal Pokemon is a member of the Legendary Sword trio. What is a quadrupedal? No clue. But it makes for an amazing legendary Pokemon.

Of course, Terrakion has great stats, since it's a legendary, but its ability, Justified, allows it to gain a huge attack boost when struck with a Dark-type move.

This Pokemon has been a threat in the competitive scene for many years in a row, and it still shows up in tournaments to this day.

#2 - Galarian Zapdos

Image via
Image via

Zapdos was blessed with a new form in the DLC, Crown Tundra. Its new form is very solid, even gaining a new signature attack called Thunderous Kick, which can lower the target's defense while still dealing damage.

With great stats and an amazing ability, Defiant, G-Zapdos makes a strong introduction to the game.

#1 - Urshifu

Image via
Image via

Urshifu, undoubtedly, is the best Fighting Pokemon in Sword and Shield. In fact, it's one of the best Pokemon in the game period. It can take on Water or Dark as its secondary typing, but of course, that would only be its secondary typing as it's primarily a Fighting-type.

This Pokemon has been one of the most oppressive forces since its release due to its ability, Unseen Fist, which allows it to bypass Protect. It also wields the new signature move that always hits critical hits.

Hitting through Protect and stat boosts makes Urshifu the best Fighting Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

Published 21 Jan 2021
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