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Top 5 Fortnite Challenge completions on Live stream 

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Published Jan 16, 2020
Jan 16, 2020 IST

Fortnite cover picture Picture Courtesy: Epic Games
Fortnite cover picture Picture Courtesy: Epic Games

Fortnite is on the track of revival after the launch of the second chapter. The player count has increased drastically, many players and streamers returning back to the game. 

Some of the Fortnite streamers are notoriously famous for their weird and crazy challenges they perform during their live stream. The Fortnite challenges sometimes ranged from playing the game continuously for 24 hours straight to playing without a keyboard and so on. 

Here are a few of the very famous challenges which were undertaken and completed during the live stream -

1. Kwebbelkop’s 24 hours straight Fortnite challenge

Kwebbelkop is a Dutch Youtuber famously famous for his family friendly content. His fans are famously known as “KOPS”. He has over 11 Million subscribers and massive 4.9 billion views on Youtube. The famous Dutch Youtuber undertook the challenge and played Fortnite continuously for 24 hours straight and Oh boy he was energetic throughout the stream, winning many matches during it. 

It was a difficult stunt or a challenge to pull through. Playing 24 hours straight, over 50 matches in not something that everyone pull off. You can watch 24 hours long video if you can.

2. Avxry’s no keyboard victory royale

Avxry is a former FaZe clan member, he is one of the top streamers on the YouTube Gaming platform. The streamer is surrounded by few controversies and on the other hand has some of the most astonishing achievements under his name. 

In one of his live stream, he played without a keyboard and achieved a "Victory Royale". First of all, winning a game in Fortnite with a keyboard is no piece of cake but this guy won, using 2 mice. He has also some other weird achievements like winning with a trackball and not a mouse and playing with a typewriter instead of a keyword. You can watch all of his videos and streams on his YouTube channel.


3. Muselk’s standing still challenge

Muselk is an Australian Fortnite streamer known for his crazy and innovative Fortnite challenges and intro “Ladies and Gentlemen”. His challenges include death runs, lightsaber battle and many more.

In one of his stream tried winning a game of Fortnite by just standing still using the scarecrow skin, though he was helped by a stranger who provided him with materials and guns. He won the game by killing the last person. 

This challenge was also completed by his country mate lazarbeam.

4. NINJA’s Charity stream for cancer patients

It was not a challenge of a sort but MrBeast with his $50,000 donation made it like a challenge.The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the name Ninja is Fortnite. Ninja has been a synonym for Fortnite. He is one of the most popular Fortnite streamers, now streaming at mixer. This stream wasn’t like any other charity streams, in this stream for donation of every 250$ he dropped all his weapons and for every 500$ all the materials and so on.

Even with such restrictions he still went on to win a game. Make sure you check out this charity stream of his.

You can watch this clip of his on MrBeast's channel.

5. Lachlan’s only pistol challenge

Lachlan is an Australian YouTuber who specializes in Fortnite streams and videos. He has over 12 million subs on YouTube and over 3.6 billion views. During one of his recent streams to raise funds for Australian bushfire, Ninja donated 30,000$.

In one of his videos he won a match using only pistol which is not what everyone can do. Though it took him 3 attempts to clear this challenge by no means it is something that everyone can do.

Modified Jan 16, 2020
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