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Top 5 Indie Games worth playing

Mohit Pradhan
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:58 IST

There are some captivating games in the Indie games category!
There are some captivating games in the Indie games category!

With all the AAA titles creating hype in the gaming world, we often tend to overlook some smaller hidden treasures. This is in reference to those not-so-big games developed by a small team of artists, who do not have huge funding or some kind of backup if their project fails and which you might not see often around at big expos with huge advertisements.

In some cases, these small games even manage to outshine other AAA titles in terms of art style, story, mechanics, etc. In short, welcome to the world of Indie games.

In this list, we have a look at some of the best Indie titles such that you all can appreciate the smaller developers of the gaming industry. However, what is important to note is that these games are not ranked per-se, and instead is an analysis of each of the games.

On that note, here's a look at the five best Indies Games worth playing, at the time of writing this piece.

#5 Bastion

An isometric RPG which can get you hooked
An isometric RPG which can get you hooked

With an Isometric point of view, the player wakes up as 'a kid' in an apocalyptic world. He then slowly remembers that he has to make his way to the safe-haven 'Bastion', where everyone could meet so they can make plans for when the disaster happens.

This is one of the colorful RPG games where you can explore the broken areas of the world, and the storytelling hooks the player to the game, with the narration done in a deep baritone voice. The art of the game is beautiful and the music is very immersive. The game does not fall back in terms of mechanics, as you can have several weapon load-outs with both guns and swords, upgrade them or either use only one weapon to clear levels.

#4 Celeste

Help a girl scale a huge mountain!
Help a girl scale a huge mountain!

This 2D platformer is a feast for the eyes. The player controls a girl character named Madeline, who is in a search of meaning and purpose in life and then decides to climb a mystical mountain. Don't dismiss it just as a knockoff from the old Retro era, this game will hand out enough challengers to a player sit for hours to get through one level.


Even the story, which seems foggy and mediocre in the earlier parts of the game, is so subtly infused with the game through the visuals and characters talking. As one progresses through the levels, they may find themselves relating to Madeline in all sorts of ways, drawing out an emotional connection. The level designs are top-level, such that one might take several minutes to figure out a myriad number of ways to cross each of them.

#3 Owlboy

This game has a very exciting storyline!
This game has a very exciting storyline!

Something about a strong bond of friendship is quite gripping and this is supported by the fact that this game took over a decade to complete. In this huge pixelated world of anamorphic creatures and humans alike, the main protagonist is a mute owl-human, Otus.

Although he's not as great or strong as his counterparts, he does have friends who he can rely upon. The gameplay is created in such a way that Otus carries around his friends, such they can help him clear the areas. He can quickly switch between his friends for appropriate situations.

Essentially what happens in the game is that evil pirates attack the Owl village, which leaves the onus on Otus and his friends to fight them off. Yet again, the pixel art and music makes playing this game an adventurous journey.

#2 To The Moon

This game has a very interesting twist!
This game has a very interesting twist!

To The Moon is one of the few games that make players pretty emotional as they run through the different segments of the game. In the game, each player takes on the role of two scientists, Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Rosaleane of Sigmund Corp, who can enter dreams and manipulate them in such a way that the in-game patient loses real memories and personality.

While the real data is replaced with artificial ones, the corporation in the game has one strict condition, which is that the changes in the dream can be made only to a dying patient. Here, the patient in focus is named Johnny, who signs a contract with Sigmund Corp such that whenever he is on his deathbed, he can relive his past and do all the things he wanted in his life and finally die in peace.

The gameplay is very basic as this is a story-driven game with beautiful music, it includes simple puzzles and some challenges to progress through the game, in addition to a sequel Finding Paradise, which is equally awesome.

#5 Ori and the Blind Forest

The graphics as part of this game is impeccable
The graphics as part of this game is impeccable!

What happens when ex Blizzard developers join hands with other video game artists around the world? Of course, they create a masterpiece like Ori and the Blind Forest. Of all the games on this list, this one has the most impressive visuals and captivating music.

The game revolves around furry little protagonist Ori, who lives in the magical forest with his friends before a sudden calamity strikes this beautiful paradise. Suddenly, it's up to Ori and his friends to save the forest.

The gameplay is very smooth, with Ori moving around in the forest while jumping and dashing, something that makes the combat engaging. The level designs are also challenging, often compared to Dark Souls, but with a happier and radiant theme.

Also, it is understood that the sequel to the game is coming out sometime shortly, and is set to be named Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Truth be told, the newer edition looks even better than the last.

Published 10 Nov 2019, 13:56 IST
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