Top 5 mistakes Dota 2 players make while playing

Everyone makes mistakes, but none can improve in Dota 2 without spotting their mistakes (Image via Reddit)
Everyone makes mistakes, but none can improve in Dota 2 without spotting their mistakes (Image via Reddit)

Dota 2 is arguably the most complex MOBA out there.

While any competitive video game in general takes a good amount of effort to master, Dota 2 is on a whole other level. What holds many players back is not a lack of mechanical mastery or strategizing. Being such a layered and complex game, they fall prey to certain 'noob traps', invisible mistakes that are hard to perceive as such.

5 slippery slopes of Dota 2 that might be impeding your MMR grind

5) Unintentionally taking the safe farm away from the carry

A lot of Dota 2 comes down to the correct distribution of resources, i.e. gold and XP. In Dota 2, most of this farm is synonymous to space on the map, as neutral camps are generally a big part of a core's gold and XP income. As the game progresses, teams take down enemy towers and lose some of their own. Accordingly, the territory they control shifts, which also means the safety of farming in a territory varies. The worst thing an offlaner can do at this stage is taking safe farm, i.e. farm close to the base and extant towers, away from the carry. This leaves a carry to fend for themselves and overextend to take unsafe farm. This can lead into the carry getting ganked, and consequently, their item timing getting delayed, which is always a disaster in Dota 2.


4) Forgetting to check enemy inventory before engagement

Left-clicking the enemy in Dota 2 when they are in vision reveals some key statistics. This includes not only their current mana reserve but also their currently equipped items. Not clicking the enemy inventory means the player will lose out on potentially critical information, like when an offlaner purchases Blink Dagger or a carry has completed their Black King Bar.

3) Taking a teamfight without vision

A side in Dota 2 tends to force fights only after knowing they have the power spike. This can be a big ultimate spell, or a key item timing. To have a theoretical edge over the opponent is only half of the tale in Dota 2. The other half is in execution. Without vision, the plan falls apart quickly, as the visionless side cannot see the enemy counterinitiate from the fog of war, and thus, cannot react in time. As simple as putting a temporary cliff ward is, losing an otherwise one-sided skirmish due to lack of vision is something that happens even in tier-1 Dota.

2) The high-ground dive

Winning several teamfights in a row may give a side gold lead and bolster morale, but it does not end the game by itself. The clear-cut condition of winning in Dota 2 is to drop the enemy Ancient. This involves the high-ground push. The area from tier-3 towers till the enemy fountain is on an elevated plane, passable only through a dangerous choke point. Due to the great strategic and logistical advantage a defending side gets, the high-ground push itself can pose a great challenge. Yet, it is a common sight in Dota 2 for a winning team to overestimate their advantage and run through a hailfire of tower attacks to attack the enemy at the base. In other words, this is tantamount to throwing their advantage away and allowing the enemy to come back into the game.


1) Letting it get to their head

Dota 2 is very much a mind game. It is a psychological warfare of constant out-guessing and out-maneuvreing the opponent's plans. When things go wrong in such a stressful game, tilting is common. It is nevertheless a bad idea for the player to antagonize their teammates or let the enemy's tipping and question-marking engage them in Dota 2. Not only does it hurt team morale, the overwhelming emotion also hampers the player's gameplay, which is precisely what the enemy wants.

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