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Top 5 PC Video Games that we grew up playing

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A trip down the nostalgic 'gaming' town

Sit in the corner, try not to cry. Cry a lot. That is all that I have to say when I see the games that once helped me relax during my childhood in the late 90s. As an adult, I am not ashamed to admit that I would pay more to play 'Roadrash' again than play the latest game in the market. Countless hours of getting yelled at by your parents and yet you continued to play the game. Your sibling coming up to you and asking for some time on the computer but you refuse to give it to him/her. Developers had a way to keep us mesmerized with the graphics, an immersive storyline and the beautifully crafted gameplay as a whole. It surprises me that even today when we have ultra-realistic games where you can mistake the non-player character (NPC) to be a real human being, these classic games are still sought after.

In the upcoming slides, I would like to take you on a trip down memory lane we explore and witness the sheer beauty that these 5 masterpieces possess.

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#5 Road Rash (1991)

Track Name: Pacific Highway
Track Name: Pacific Highway

I have mentioned this one before and I do so again. Who can forget kicking and punching people while riding a bike at 160kmph? Is it just me? Or do you hear the intro music play too? Say hello to Roadrash.

A game so simple and yet it would help many of us cope with hours of boredom! I hope you agree with me when I say that this game was really tough. It gave me a sense of accomplishment when I came first at the highest levels of the game. The cops refused to go down and it seemed like the only person they ever wanted to catch and throw behind the bars was you!

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